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Tuesday, April 3

Working the Runway

This past Saturday, O had the opportunity to walk in the Nordstroms fashion show.  It was a super early morning getting ready to be somewhere with a happy baby on time, but it was worth it.  His girl Peyton, and friend Wyatt were also in the show, which made it even more fun to watch.  It was BEYOND cute to see all the little ones working the runway...and mama didn't mind the discount they were given that day in return :)  Check out the videos at the end to see how good they did!!  Little hams!!!  

Ty and O scoping out the competition.  Ty had to remind me multiple times that it was in fact NOT a competition. :/ awkward.

Peyton, just sending a few quick texts before her big walk

He's wearing Peek Aren't You Curious tee, shirt and shorts and his own Bobex shoes. LOVE

Wyatt and his Mama Elise
Such a tired boy, slept through the rest of the show on Nana