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Tuesday, May 15

Becca & Nick Got Hitched, Part 1: {the rehearsal}

Becca and Nick got married!!! Woohoo!!!  Becca is obviously one of my best friends ever and so this begins a series of blog posts documenting her beautiful wedding weekend.  Hang in there as I sort of the best of the rest of the pics! 

So, before the rehearsal started we were discussing these genius tips that make you photograph better (read:skinnier) and I mentioned that somewhere along the road I'd heard that if you say "prune" for a lieu of say, "cheese"... you end up with a sexy Olsen-twin-esque pouty smile.  Then, Bree said if you hold your arms out and back slightly, it thins them...then her and Jess combined all this amazing knowledge for what was bound to be a  HOT pic...

 Looking good, ladies!!! Change your defaults, immediately!!! :)  Don't worry I have genuinely pretty pictures for the next post of both of you looking fly.  Default picture status, for real!  <3

                  Anyway...Becca looked AMAZING at her rehearsal in this lace dress and boots!

         and she was totally looking like a celeb getting her picture taken by the paparazzi here...

Ready for a cute story??  Becca is an only child, and this is the car Becca's dad brought her home from the hospital in. He's been fixing it up for over a year for her to use at the wedding.  And it's a 428...the day they got married......."awwww's" all around now!!

             Only Becca and Nick would have this size of a table needed for their rehearsal dinner!

Becca tearing up during her toast.  I tried REALLY hard to squeeze a tear out, but it just wasn't happenening.

tears all around!


 Becca with all the Bridesmaids, from top to bottom: Megan, Bree, Holly, Allison, Lenzi, Jessica, Danielle, Yours Truly

                     Nick gave all his groomsmen Nixon backpacks...such a cute "guy" present!

Lenzi and Jess teamed up to make Becca this amazing scrapbook of ALL of her pre-wedding festivities we gave to her when we got back to the winery and settled into our huge suite for the night that Becca's fabulous mom, Barbara, arranged for us girls.  They took pics of every single shower guest (no small feat, if you know how many friends Becca actually has...if you don't know her personally...the size of the book should give you a's a buttload) and attached personal notes from each guest and all of us Bridesmaids.

    And of course, there was a bachelorette party section, this page was dedicated to the scavenger hunt Becca was sent on before arriving at her destination!  I wish I could make this bigger and you could see the pic in the top left of the guy she had to find to "propose" to her along the way.

 BEST page in this section.  Danielle, girlfriend, you are a CHAMP!  

 What 50k in diamonds looks like on Jessica.  Watch out Dennis, she looked awfully comfortable with   that much bling on.

                            Holly's mom hand-bedazzeled Becca's shoes for her "Something Blue".

                Barbara put together the most comprehensive Bridal emergency kit I've ever seen.

                                                                   The dress! Eeek!

                                                          And of course, her luggage...