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Friday, May 18

Becca & Nick Got Hitched, Part 2: {getting ready}

You may have caught on from the previous blog on Becca's wedding that their bridal party was massive...both Nick and Becca have tons of close a super-sized number of bridesmaids combined with an early afternoon wedding meant a 6am call time for hair and make-up.  And I am NOT a morning person..ask any former roommate or sorority sister who's been on one too many early morning retreats with me.  I'm a freakin' grump until like 9.  Only for you, Becca.  Seriously.  It was a gorgeous morning though!

There were just casually floating right outside our room.  Who in their right mind goes on a hot air balloon ride this early?? As much as I wish I was would be far more practical being a mom, plus I enjoy the calm...I don't understand morning people.  

I was having some major product lust.  I don't care if 95% of this stuff isn't my color.  I WANT IT.  

Wait, wait, wait...who exactly wears that yellow and purple lipglass??? Outside of drag queens, I'm legitimately baffled.

Her NEW monogram.  I'm generally jealous of people with good monograms (even though my personal name one isn't horrible..."RAC"'s not great.  Our combined one is even worse...I so badly wanted to use one at our wedding but it was "tAr", super glamourous, I then I thought, let's buck tradition and try my initial first..."rAt"...perfect! even better!! :/ ugh)  Anyway, Becca's robe was adorable...wait for the back...

See????  She thinks of EVERYTHING!!  

Jess, getting done up!  Super pretty already and they had barely started.  Trust me, I TRIED to catch her looking less than perfect,'s just our relationship...lucky for her I failed.

 Even though I'm pretty sure she was on her way to saying "prune", Breezy looked stunning!!!  Feel  free to crop my creepy self out and default this baby!!

Our hair and make-up team did a great job on each girl!

Danielle working a smoky eye at like 8am

The beautiful bride SANS make-up...I would hate her if she wasn't "the nice one"...keeping up with all the posts she's already been tagged in so far. 

Blushing Bride!

 We all brought our bachelorette party tanks to wear while getting ready, however.....

Please note my robe tied stylishly around my waist...NO ONE specified we needed to bring pants to wear with them.  Maybe this should have been assumed, but I'm apparently not a big fan of assuming. Awkward.  

So, I was glad to get back in my robe, which, by the way, were part of Becca's amazing bridesmaids gifts.  Perfect timing too, as I recently realized my current "summer robe" is in fact not super appropriate to wear down to the mailbox.

Becca asked me if Oliver would be a ring bearer before he was even born, so he'd been looking forward to this day for awhile.

Pey's got a secret

 "Look!! They're holding hands...omgggg....look....awwww....omg!" pretty sure that's what the audio for this moment sounded like.

I wish I had a better picture of this baby oxfords!

He's been using his Latisse, evidently...

Lemme touch your silk knot.

Sugar Face Pey.

Obviously, he's reading the grain before he putts.  
Seriously?? Who is this kid??  

Well, this kid is technically, ("legally"...whatever) Jessica's, but I called dibs on her for my son, which is very official and will hold up in court, so don't get any ideas, all you little boy readers!  Keep your melting hearts back!



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