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Sunday, May 27

Becca & Nick Got Hitched, Part 3: {the ceremony & reception}

 The final installment of Becca's wedding pics.  Enjoy!

Oh, no. O notices the flower petals.  

Coco being super stealth and trying to guide him.  I guess I shouldn't be too hard on him, he only turned a year old less than two weeks before this.  So good job, little one.

Baby love to the extreme!

You can see O's squinty smile eyes..lovin' it!

Attempting to arrange them for a quick photo... O only wants to know who makes Pey's shoes.

It's so flufffy!!!

 So nice of you to share, P!

O about to give Riley a little love tap.

That didn't go over so well.  :/ 

 Watch me attempt a sexy face (and end up looking really angry) in not one, not two, but three pictures..

Workin' it.

a lil' college reunion

Alpha Xi's

Chelsea sharing some really good gossip, perhaps?? Because that is definitely my gossip listening pose.

I die for these girls!!!

Me attempting reverting to my former peer-pressuring self.  Bree is NOT buying it!!  haha 

It just wouldn't be right if there wasn't a Becca pole...

Becca later claimed she didn't drink at her wedding.  haha

Love this one!! Newlywed passion..

Too cute.

The fight over the bouquet between Lenzi and Holly.

Lenzi ended up with petals and Holly with the stems.

 You wouldn't know she was a Disney at all...

Obsessed with these escort cards...each table was a different ride.

Danielle's saucy entrance with her two escorts..

some amazing moves below with my escort, Mikey...

<3 <3 <3 <3

ahhhh, I love them!!!  They're SO happy together!

Becca's wedding designer was amazing!

Why Becca is a better wife than me: the Grooms Cake.

 The fabulous real cake.

The cutest father-daughter dance, EVER.  A Mash-up???  Really?? Only Becca. <3

The patented "Rachel Lean".

Oh, Becca...