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Tuesday, May 8

Cookies & Milk for Joelle

 I ended up being extraordinarily social this past weekend, and Jess and I hit up another soiree right after Sarah's.  I would have just combined posts, but this party demanded it's own. I hope it doesn't look like I only own one dress down the road when someone looks at these posts separately... :/ awkward!  

Joelle McDougal's First Birthday was a cookie and milk-themed DELIGHT.  The entire McDougal fam had a horrible flu earlier this week, but Brooke and Sean are serious rockstar parents and pulled off Joelle's party without a hitch.  I'm a sucker for the details, so Brooke is completely a girl after my own heart.  

Photos are a mix of Brooke's ( and Samantha's ( and my amateur attempts.  

Photo: Brooke Aliceon Photography
I got to help Brooke craft some of the paper flowers earlier in the week.  Obsessed with them!!

Photo: Brooke Aliceon Photography

Photo: Brooke Aliceon Photography

Photo: Samantha Polanco Photography

My macarons holding their own at the cookie table!
Photo: Brooke Aliceon Photography

Smash Cake Courtesy of my fabulous Sister-in-Law Kindy, with Kulinary Kreations.

Jess, Brooke, Moi, Elise
Photo: Samantha Polanco Photography

How insanely cute is this??? Kalea is Samantha's daughter, and Jude is Brooke's son. <3 this SO much!
Photo: Samantha Polanco Photography

Ty (who never is able to join me for any weekend fun) was able to sneak away from work a few minutes early and join us!
Photo: Brooke Aliceon Photography

Photo: Brooke Aliceon Photography

Bahhhh! this is such a perfect 1st Bday Fam pic!!
Photo: Samantha Polanco Photography

Photo: Samantha Polanco Photography
SO pretty of mama and baby!                                                    

The Polanco Family...Kalea's face is amazing here.

Happy 1st Birthday, Joelle!!! xoxo!!!


Brooke Aliceon said...

Obsessed with your blog! Loved seeing everything from your perspective and that photo of Joelle at the bottom... I DIE!!!! It's like my favorite one!!! Thank you again for all of your help!!! <3


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