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Wednesday, May 2

Earth Day Hippies Scared Us Into the Zoo

So much has been happening lately, I have a lot to catch the blog up on.  But first just a few fun pics from the weekend before last.  It was my mom's birthday, which is also known as Earth Day to the rest of the world.  If you know my mother, you know this is all too perfect as she is fairly obsessed with green living.  Things like "dirty dozen" and "nitrates" and "parabens" are frequently spouted and don't even think of eating non-organic broccoli in her presence.

Be it ever so appropriate, we headed to the Earth Fair at Balboa Park, but were quickly ran out by the mass of hippies (I'm all about natural stuff, but come ON), pot in the air, and too much chanting from the Hare Krishnas.  Luckily, we had our zoo annual passes handy so the day wasn't a total failure.

Enjoy a few pics..I have a lot more coming soon, including all access into Becca & Nick's wedding this past weekend (so fun!!) and my (skinny) Chicken Marsala recipe I'm currently making!

 Two fingers...that's how we do it with molars coming in.

Oh Child, how I love you.

So happy to be outside.

Hippos sleeping up against the glass at the zoo.

Super into fake Polar Bears.

Oh, Hey.


I'm Oliver. I'm not impressed.

Scratch that, I'm impressed by fake rock walls!

Prehistoric Sloth.

Don't mind how not dirty my leggings got after 2 seconds in that place.