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Saturday, May 26

"King in the Castle, I Have a Chair.." 1st Bday Photos

A little before Oliver turned one, my friend Brooke came out to do his One year session.  Seriously hire her for your portraits...she's amazing with tots... my child is has a mind of his own and therefore is not the easiest subject to work with, I mean this is the baby that spent his entire newborn sessions (yes, both of them) doing calisthenics in his sleep and pushing himself off of the propped pillows. Newborn.  He hasn't sat still since.   Anyway, she's amazing and still manages to get fabulous shots.

Seizing any opportunity for a theme,  I went with  "King of The Castle" motif after seeing this adorable crochet crown from Owlbolt...since that's exactly what Oliver is...he may not know it, but this joint revolves around him...then all I could think about was that scene in Borat, "King in the castle, King in the castle, I have a chair, I have a chair, go do this, go do this, King in the castle."    Bahaha.  Perfect.  Thank you Brooke and Ashley for making this happen!

Whoops, forgot he hates the feel of grass on bare feet.  He spent the majority of the shoot with atleast one foot up!

So Regal.

Re-purposed the extra bunting from his nursery.

Way more into planes than pictures.


Smash Cake time.

Lovin' it.


Annnd...a few behind the scenes pictures of the aftermath.

Seriously, thank you sooo much, Brooke!!