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Tuesday, May 29

A Lesson in Communicating: Our Day at the WAP

This morning O and I woke up...rather he woke me up, calling for me...and Jess texted first thing asking if we wanted to go to Sea World or the WAP (Wild Animal Park for non-San Diegans..I will never call it "Safari Park"...I shouldn't say that..I said that about Price Club too, dangit!) Anyway the conversation then went like this:

Jess: You want to go to Sea World or WAP today?
Me: Yeah! What Time?
Jess: 10?
Me: Okay!
Jess: Want to meet here and I can drive?
Me: No, I'll meet you there so I don't have to swap the carseats.
Jess: Okay, see you in a few!

If you noticed we left out a huge detail...i.e. we never picked which place to no surprise I ended up at the WAP and her at Sea World.  Nice! Only about 35 miles apart, no biggie.  We're obviously really smart and highly detail-oriented.  We figured this out when she asked which row I was parked in and I said 5 and she asked 5-what.  There's only 5-C,D, ects at Sea World.  Oh, man. 

Jess (with Pey in tow) met us back in at the WAP since she would have to head that way back home regardless.

Here's how the day's a lot of the back of O's head...since that's primarily what I see these days as I chase him non-freaking-stop. want to know how I keep the weight off?  I'm literally on my feet all day following this nugget around.  All day.    

Anyway, we spent a good hour at the discovery station.  It's a quality baby energy-drainer.  I'm a fan.

You know, just putting all their toys in the planters and then taking them out again...

We learned about magnets...what sticks and what doesn't.

Sadly, plastic worms do not stick, try as he may.

Pey's all about the chase.

One of the million reasons I love this girl.

We indulged them in some splash pad time.

How is it possible to have a big ol' belly and ribs showing???

aaaand...we're back where we started chasing them.