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Wednesday, May 23

Me Against The Cricut, Searsucker, & The Best Thing You'll Ever Do At Disneyland

I've been saying for the past fews months or so that I really wanted a Cricut.  Now, full disclosure, I didn't actually know exactly what a Cricut did...just that it helped you cut things quick.  I hate cutting, but I love rounded, or perhaps scalloped, edges...and I almost had a mental breakdown manually punching corners for O's birthday invites...clearly serious issues here.  Based on that, this seemed like a perfect device for me. Except if you've ever shopped for them, they're hundreds of dollars...not in my immediate budget for crap I don't actually even understand.

And then there was the teensy fact that after O's birthday and the all consuming craft-fest that was preparing for it,  Tyler made me promise to take a little break from the DIY, which I gladly agreed to.  That is until one day the UPS man delivered a large box on my doorstep stamped with a Cricut logo.  It turns out it was intended to be a birthday present from my mom, but because I saw it, she let me have it anyway now.  

That was perfect, since I had a baby shower to forward to me refusing to read the instructions and destroying a few trees worth of scrapbook sized paper.  This machine is a beast and I am terribly inadequate.  But after a lot of mistakes (the first know, thinking I could figure it out on my own...) I finished my first project, 35 of these babies.  

I'm beyond excited for this theme, so expect more updates as I force Ty to help me make yarn balls and paint large pictures of 3 little bears sitting in chairs. 

For anyone interested in the details, I created the actual invite in Word...super ghetto, but PhotoShop and Illustrator and all those programs are over my head... and used the Cricut to cut the backing and the tabs...which are printed on, I will point out!!!  I couldn't fit all the information I wanted to in the actual design, so I attached tabs with registry and diaper raffle info with a star brad and blue bakers twine.  The envelopes were a cinch using Martha Stewarts Avery templates. 

Moving on, Monday night we took Ty down to Searsucker in the Gaslamp to celebrate finishing school.  If you watch Top Chef, you're probably already familiar with Brian Malarky and his restaurants in town.  I was a little apprehensive that it was going to be super overrated, but I was pleasantly surprised!  

It's a little obscure, and a lot on the pricey side once you add drinks, apps, coffees and desserts to your order, and is an incredibly vague...which is a lot like Ty if you know him.  Their menu either forces you to be pretentious enough to not ask questions, or feel a little stupid asking what the "S1" is on the NewYork steak (it's a steak sauce...their version of "A1"... obviously)...but it was well worth it for a night celebrating a big achievement.  

Note, this place fills up quick...if you go, make a reservation.  We had a 5:45 reservation and by 6, the place was packed with a line out front...on a Monday.  Also, I would highly recommend not bringing children..I would slap myself for spending so much money for a meal that I spent asking a toddler not to throw duck fat fries everywhere.  Which were delicious by the way, and I'm glad O wasn't there to waste them.

Remember when I said it was a little obscure?  Cue the King Sundae...peanut butter cup ice cream and bananas floating in a pool of warm bacon caramel.  That's right.  Don't say eww, it really just adds a saltiness to the caramel and was amazing.

I opted for the Red Velvet cake, it comes with white chocolate covered in pop rocks.  Sold. 

Coco ordered the donuts that came with some sort of chocolate sauce.  They were okay, but I'm not terribly impressed by things I can make in my Babycakes in 4-6 minutes.  

To cap off our celebrating, Ty, O and I headed to Disneyland today.   It had been a long time since just the three of us did anything together, I literally can't remember.   We try to get as much mileage out of our annual passes as possible...really stick it to the mouse, you know? Anyway, a couple exciting things happened...which may or may not say a lot about my standards for excitement :/

The first exciting thing:  I discovered the Silhouette Studio.  I've walked by this place a million times but randomly today I noticed the sign in the window advertised silhouettes for only $9.  Nothing at Disneyland cost only $9...especially not a hand-cut silhouette.  I inquired within, thinking it would be something cute to have of O when he was older and could sit still for like 2 minutes, when the lady told me she's done 4-day olds and could easily do his in 30 seconds.  

I really wanted to call this chick's bluff, so we agreed to try it.  
Ty propped O on his lap, and of course he proceeds to squirm.  The lady points to a picture of Mickey on the wall and asks him a question about Tootles...whoever Tootles is...she says that question always distracts them for a second and gives her the few moments she needs to see their profile...meanwhile she is snipping away.  It was literally was one minute later, this was already being matted.  

I was so shocked I paid for extra copies to give out as gifts and frames.  I can't believe how she captured so much detail in a minute...all his curls, his crazy long eyelashes.  I want to do this every year with O...this is by far the best Disneyland souvenir ever, especially with babies.  $9 gets you two silhouettes which are mirror images of each other, and there's a 10% discount for pass holders.  Take your children now. 

Oh, and if you are one of those real Disney know who you are...there's Hidden Mickeys in the frames.

Proof she knew what she was doing.  Compare the profiles.  It's insane.  Bonnie was our artist, by the way, if you go.  She's been doing it for 35 years. 

Here's the second exciting thing that, it wasn't that Ty got super ripped, that's not even him.  It's that I wore shorts.  For the first time in like 15 years.  

See? Told you that wasn't Ty.  That's obvious O's new friend he was super into.

He seriously stared at this guy awkwardly for so long.

A few of O's many faces

Auntie Bree, he got many a compliment on his shirt!

Three final things to note. One, who knew there was actually a petting zoo at DL?  Second, I'm pretty sure all those goats are drugged because none of them at all.  It was not normal...I'm fairly well-versed on normal petting zoo animal behavior at this point.  Check it out next time you're there and tell me what you think.  Thirdly, umm, did anyone else know there's a craft room in adventure land??

I'm making my favorite copy cat dish tomorrow night..recipe coming soon!  


Amanda said...

There are so many things I love about this post I don't know where to begin...invitations = amazing! Malarkys restaurant - I am only going there for that red velvet cake, silhouette - coolest thing ever and super accurate!

rachel said...

Thanks, girl!! Definitely go..I feel like you and Garrett would definitely appreciate that kind of place!


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