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Tuesday, May 15

Mother's Day Historical Home Tour & Pimped Out Toddler Rides

  Every year on Mother's Day, we take the annual home tour in the historical district of good ol' Escondido.  If you've never been, it's actually a great neighborhood to walk around...and being exceptionally nosy myself, the Mother's Day Tour is fantastic, as perfect strangers invite you into their houses to view every intimate nook and cranny of their restored homes.    They won't let you photograph anything these are just a few pics of houses along the way to the open ones.                        
 Two years ago, we toured this house, to date it's been one of my was simply fantastic inside...we're talking Wolf appliances here, that somehow worked seamlessly with the craftsman style, for any HGTV fans...
 One of the tinier houses, but it has always reminded me of Hansel and Gretl.

 After the tour, the whole fam headed over to Gramma's for her favorite, Chinese food and Cheesecake.  Oliver went on multiple trips in his pimped out wagon that Great Grandpa pimped out for him with custom upholstery, handle bars and personalization on both sides.

 All I can think of when I look at this pic is "Laaaaaaiiiid back..."

  This is one seriously spoiled little nugget.   I can't get over his backrest...even forbid the child not have a cushy pillow in his wagon!!
                 Riding his new trike from Aunt Laurie and his cousins!  This little face kills me!!!


Shannyn said...

SO cute! I love your photos, it always warms my heart! Your little one is TOO cute!

Brooke Aliceon said...

Obsessed with your blog!!! I totally look forward to your posts!!! Love it! Also, great photos!!!

rachel said...

Thanks, friends!!!! Brooke, I'm trying, but there is sooo much practice involved its crazy..obviously you know know this haha...Tyler and I are constantly arguing "it's too dark...change the iso up, no down" "no, the fstops wrong" "no, you're wrong, i'm leaving the f stop alone" "no, your shutter speed sucks!!!" bahahaha


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