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Wednesday, May 30

Rachel Zoe's Salami

I've been dying to try out this recipe since the finale of The Rachel Zoe Project.  Any dish that gets that many anorexic fashionistas running to the kitchen, has to be worth the cals.  And it was.  We had some friends over to grill and swim on Memorial Day and I finally baked this little delight.  This is a perfect appetizer and it disappeared amazingly fast.  

You can find a variation of the recipe here:  Chef Bri Blog 

I made mine with dijon mustard, used an orange marmalade instead of apricot, and added a few tablespoons of brown sugar to compensate for not using honey mustard.  Work with what you have on hand!  Delish!

And what's better in the summer than grilled fruit?? 
Since I felt like this was a dessert but lacked the fattiness of a proper dessert, these grilled slices of peach and pineapple were liberally brushed with a cinnamon sugar butter. Sooo good and so easy! 


Tyler Andersen said...

so damn good! everythings was the so goodingness. However I wish you had included pictures of the rest of the menu. It was like the perfect food day. everything was new and so amazingly

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