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Monday, May 7

Sarah's Bridal Shower

I can't believe it, but Sarah and I have been friends for over 10 years now...that's literally crazy.  More like "Cray Cray" in my best NeNe Leakes voice.  We met in high school when we both were in all the plays, then she came to Cal State and rushed, and now we both are moms...I can't believe London is 5!.. and she's getting married to a great guy in a couple months.

Sarah Williamson's Bridal Shower, hosted by Ingrid Andersen, who happens to be the only other person I know who spells Andersen correctly :)

 At this point in the shower, Jessica was making the bow bouquet, and since I was feeling particularly bossy, I fired her from that so I could do it instead, and handed her my camera.  I gave her some vague directions of "if it doesn't look good, like, adjust this or this or maybe this...I don't really know, spin this thing, maybe?.." but she obviously figures these things out quicker than I.  It's so convenient that we have very defined roles in our friendship of better bow bouquet maker, and better at everything technological.  Glad my skills are super practical.

Anyway, I wish I had gotten more pics of the decor, especially the table, before we ate...everything was adorable and delish!

This was a super cute, but easy, bridal shower game..every guest was told to bring a pair of panties.  Sarah was then to select the sexiest, most practical, and sweetest pair from the clothes line, and whoever brought those pairs won gift baskets.

                                                       A mandatory high school pic!

            Axid's...I hadn't seen BreeAnn Montes in so long, it was so fun catching up with her!!                  Photo stolen from Amy.
                                                                     Sarah and Jess


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