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Friday, May 4

Skinny Chicken Marsala, Not-Skinny At All French Macarons & Meeting Ella Grace

It's been a super busy week full of catching up on everything I neglected last week at home in anticipation for the wedding, but I finally had a chance to re-work one of my favorite dishes ever,  Chicken Marsala.  I started with a Tyler Florence recipe, but I pretty much just ignored that in the end, and focused on dialing back the calories as much as possible.

Skinnier Chicken Marsala:
Pound out 1 lb of chicken until it's about 1/4 inch thick.  DRIZZLE Extra Virgin Olive Oil only as needed into your pan on medium and dredge the chicken lightly in flour, salt and pepper.  Fry for 5 mins on each side or until golden brown.

For the sauce, most recipes will tell you to start with your drippings.   Throw that crap away, dice a cup of cremini mushrooms, and saute with a tablespoon or so of butter.  Once browned, add 1/2 cup of Marsala wine and let it reduce down for about a minute.  Add 1/2 cup of chicken broth, salt and pepper and for fun, throw in some diced garlic.  I kept adding a splash of wine or broth here or there as the sauce continued to reduce, until I was happy.  Pour sauce over chicken and set aside.

This dish is usually accompanied by some fatty carb, but since fatty carbs aren't in my current vocabulary, I cut a spaghetti squash in half length-wise, seeded it, and baked it cut-side down for 30 mins at 350 degrees F.  Once baked, the flesh resembles spaghetti noodles and I tossed those with a teensy bit of butter, salt, and a handful of Mizithra cheese.  Since the Mizithra has a salty taste, you need less of the real stuff.

Voila...totally fulfilled my craving for one of my favorite dishes from Spag and saved me an hour or two of guilt-induced cardio.

After my healthy dinner,  and Oliver was asleep, I made these bad boys for Miss Joelle's first birthday party this weekend.  I'm proud to say each batch is getting easier and quicker.  I'll do a full how-to post once I figure out how to get through a batch without killing my back from piping.

And finally, Jessica and I were able to meet little Ella Grace Bush today for the first time!   As many of you know, our good friend Jenna was due at the end of May, but ended up going into labor 6 weeks early on April 17th.  Luckily, baby Ella is an amazing trooper and is already home from the NICU and thriving.  I knew she would be tiny in person, but you so easily forget how small a newborn is, let alone a preemie, when you have a 24lb toddler on your hip, so I was totally surprised by how small (but mighty!!) the little princess was.  I'm so excited for the Bush family to have her here, this is going to be one doted on little girl...what an adorable little peanut!!  Congrats again, Jenna on such a blessing!

Happy new Mama and big brother, Hunter.  Jenna, btw, you look WAY too  good to be barely post-partum.  

So alert!! 

I absolutely <3 this one.  And yes, that is a preemie-sized headband.  Would you expect anything less from my friends??
The Bush Family.  I still can't believe they are a family of four already!! 


valerie carol said...

Rachel! You are my thinspiration! I am making the skinny chicken Marsala for Mark and I tonight! Xoxoxo

rachel said...

that's what i like to hear!!!! <3

rachel said...

PS I just now saw you wrote "THINspiration" bahahaha i love it!!! love you!!!


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