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Wednesday, May 16

Why today is amazing.

Reason #1 today is Amazing:

This morning, Coco and Oliver and I went back down to Rady's Childrens Hospital to find out Oliver's test results from Monday.  For those of you catching up, Oliver was born with a kidney disorder called Hydronephrosis.  It basically means something is causing his kidneys to swell, rather than filter and drain, properly.  Usually this kind of thing clears up on its own in children,  but scan after scan revealed Oliver's kidneys were getting progressively worse, and his left side was working at less than 20%. The swelling was in both kidneys and they were stage at 4, basically worse case scenario for this type of thing, by the time he was 5 months old.

At 6 months, on Halloween morning,  he went into surgery to have a dismembered pyloplasty to remove a blockage in his left ureter and hopefully relieve the swelling.  Luckily, once they were inside during the initial part of the procedure, his doctor was able to determine he didn't need the most invasive part of the procedure, so recovery was piece of cake.

Anyway, fast forward a few months, we knew he would continue to have his kidneys and bladder  monitored with ultrasounds throughout his childhood, and Monday was his first one since his surgery.  The results were good...there is still swelling in both kidneys, but they've grown normally in the past 6 months and his urologist thinks the dilation has decreased. He said additional surgeries, while not out of the question, are unlikely. Huuuge sigh of relief for this Mama...I'm not sure I could handle handing my baby over to be put under yet about worst/most helpless feeling ever....So, now we wait optimistically for another good test in November and hopefully sooner rather than later we can say goodbye to the radiology and urology departments at Rady's we have come to know so well!!!

I get asked a lot how Oliver's feeling...the beautiful thing throughout all of this is that he has somehow never actually shown symptoms (bloody urine, frequent UTI's) fact if they hadn't caught the swelling in utero, we would likely not have even known there was a problem until something went wrong down the road. So, to answer that, he's wonderful, he's not in any pain, still blissfully unaware of what he's been through, and he's thriving everyday.   He's a strong little boy and you would never know by looking at him that his insides aren't quite the same as everyone else's :)

The measured him today and he's 32.5 inches and 25 lbs...growing growing!

Reason #2 why Today is Amazing:

After 4 years of having not having days off together, like EVER...seriously... Tyler is DONE with school.

I. Am. So. Excited.

It's been a crazy few years of Tyler working full time at far away job and going to school full time...literally, we've had maybe, MAYBE, 10 days total to spend together as a family in the past year, which includes Ty's whopping two-day paternity leave when Oliver was born, our "vacation" was a trip to Texas when his Grandpa passed away, and basically just major holidays (which btw..even then, he was working until 7pm on Christmas eve...ect).

I'm so excited for Ty to get to actually see his son (you know, when he's awake) and actually get to have dinner together more than once or twice a month...all things I totally just "expected" would be part of everyday life, but then actually weren't.

Mostly, I'm excited not to look like a teen mom with no baby daddy at every single function Ty couldn't previously go with me to, because he had work or school.  Just being honest.

Tyler, I'm SO proud of you. Xoxo.



Cassie Johnson said...

I'm so glad to hear that Oliver is doing well! I am extra stoked for Tyler to be done with school and have a bit more time with you and O! Sounds like today was DEFINITELY awesome. :)

Amanda said...

Yay! Wonderful news for all of you! Enjoy your time and extra help from the hubs, it's well deserved! So glad O is happy and healthy! Xo

Shannyn said...

Love reading your blog, sending so much love your way and congrats to your hubby for graduating! I will continue to keep the little ones in my prayers for continued growth and health. :) I love the updates!

thetormeys said...

wonderful happy news! love it!

Tyler Andersen said...

pretty unbelievable. still.


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