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Thursday, June 14

All I Wanted Was A Corn Dog, Now All I Want is a Bath.

So,  Is it just me, or is the fair extra freaking dirty this year?? I seriously still feel disgusting.  

Ty and I have been trying to go on fun little outings to make up for the past year of, you know, not going anywhere together because of his schedule, so today we headed to the Del Mar Fair.     I really wanted to chow down on some quality fair food, I did extra cardio yesterday and we even parked super far away on a hill to avoid paying for parking and reduce some of my guilt in advance.  Here's how things went:

We made the rounds...took O on his first merri-go-round. I would apologize for there being so many, but this is my blog, I do what I want here.  

He got a little hungry.  :/ Cue me, kicking myself for not anticipating this.  

It's cool, we have a back up outfit.

 Oh snap!  I can't take my booze past this point?  Turn around.

We found a petting zoo.  He kissed a few goats, open mouth.

Looking like such a big kid.

But the best part of the fair, which I've never even noticed before in all my years,  The pig races.  They have you cheer for specific pigs based on your seating section like at Medieval Times. Cutest thing ever. One of the pigs in our section was Britney Spareribs. Love.

Oh, and I got my corn dog, and my fried zucchini...big disappointment, there, and some jalepeno sausage thing...just bites of all three. And I felt like crap.  And I'm scared the Wii is going to know everything tomorrow.  

Overall, it was fun, but super dirty day.  Seriously.

OH!  I almost forgot!!!! I saw these broads dancing.  I'm pretty sure this is where I will be in 50 years with Jess, Bree and Becca and whichever one of our husbands is still alive and down to wear sequins.  That being said, it's down to mine or Jessica's.


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