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Tuesday, June 5

Andersen, with an "E".

When I got married, I was reluctant to change my name.  I was so used to being Rachel Wann, and to be honest, I enjoyed the ambiguity of my last name..."is she Asian or not?"  Slowly, but surely, I made appoinments with the different government agencies to do the big switch.  To date, I have still not changed my name on my Nordies Visa, and barely changed my name on my health insurance before O was born...I have to admit, I did enjoy the drama that caused with my medical records, and the looks of the nurses when they commented on my new name at 9 months pregnant, when they really wanted to ask if I just had a shotgun wedding.

Anyway, one of the more frustrating parts of having a super freaking common last name is the fact that I have one with an uncommon spelling.  Parents, or future parents, I beg of you for the sake of your unborn children, DO NOT GIVE THEM NAMES WITH UNCOMMON SPELLINGS.  They WILL hate you for it.  It's always the people with the vanilla names themselves, who obviously don't know what it's like, who are switching up vowels unnecessarily.  I have to spell my name out everywhere I go and endure stares of people looking at me like I'm the idiot and obviously they know how to spell A-N-D-E-R-S-...oh, now they get why I was spelling it out.  I gave up just saying "Andersen with an "E" at the end" because one too many morons couldn't figure out where that second "E" was going to go.

If you're wondering what set me off on this tangent, I dealt with two frustrating phone calls today where the root of the problem was in the fact that both a doctors office, and a pharmacy spelled my name wrong.

Then, I get home today and find a statement from Navy Federal addressed to Rachel Anderson...another reason I hate you, Navy Fed.

Then, realizing this has been a common trend lately, I rummaged through my little desktop mail organizer, and found a few other recent offenders I felt like calling out on the internet.

First Up:

Alpha Xi Delta, Alumni Relations
After everything I have done for you, sorority, we're talking blood, sweat and tears, literally...this (my name badge from the chapter birthday tea) is how you re-pay me??  Do I have to remind you who I am?? I am the head of the freakin' Royal family,  update your address roster and spell my name right!! Moving on...

Calvin Christian's "The Cord" Newsletter
I was pleasantly surprised to find this in the "New Arrivals" section of my high school newsletter last week.  You're supposed to call and update the school on all the happenings in your life (graduations, jobs, marriages, babies) but I'm about as good at that as I am about renewing my drivers license, so I was glad someone who knows me, or at least facebook stalks me, finally put the word in for me,  so I'm  notably less irritated by this one.  I'm also glad they stopped calling my parents asking for updates, because my dad just makes shit up.  Anyway,  I think they purposely spelled my name like this to make it look more Dutch, and less Danish.  

Then this came today...

Victoria's Secret
I have no words for you, Vicky!  That's not true...I have a bunch.  First off, Rachquel??  Really?? You really think that's a name??  Who do you think you are?  I know you know how to spell my name because the catalog below came just two days ago, let alone my account on your website I use regularly...then today, after all I've been through, and after last week when you backordered every single sale item I wanted and forced me to spend $100 to get free shipping, you are just adding salt to the wound!  

Oh, and my middle initial isn't "A", either...but you already knew that, didn't you?? Of course you did, you just want to mess with me.  If I didn't need your push-up Liya bikini tops so bad, you would have a lot of returns headed your way tomorrow morning!!!!

UPDATE 6/6/12:

This came in the mail today, just so you all understand the magnitude of my problems over here.  It looks like B&BW is on team VS.  Morons.  There is no Rachquel A.


Shannyn said...

Hahaha! I know exactly what you mean... saying "Shannyn with a Y not an O" throws people for a loop every time. Most of the time they just start writing, look puzzled and I spell it out for them..or they write Shannony - yes, cuz that works. *facepalm* Don't even get my started on my last name, that messes with people too! It's an A not an E! family and their vowels. lol.

Anyhoo- love the blog layout, it is so adorable!

rachel said...

Oh, Shannyn!!!! You have the name drama coming and going!!! Shannony is and I should probably consider legally changing our names to Shannony and Rachquel.

rachel said...

And Thank You!!! It's no Frugal Beautiful layout, but it's a start!

Becca said...

I definitely always had problems with Baugh...people always spelled it Bough, I was like yes, my last name is a branch of holly. Considering when you say it out loud it sounds like "Baa", you would think it wouldn't be an issue.

So far I've had a couple of "Hartigan's" too but it's too new to bother me just yet haha!

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