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Monday, June 4

Bathtub Blogging

I'm officially writing from my bathtub. If you know me well, you're probably surprised this hasn't happened earlier.  I saw Rev Run do it, and it looked super relaxing...except it's not at all.  I'm super paranoid of dropping my phone in the water (wouldn't be the first time...) and kicking myself for not checking on the details of my insurance policy when I was at T-Mobile today.

Anyway, bathtime is my (bi)daily time to unwind, so why not share it with the world?  Oh, and that's right, this is a twice a day ritual (though my morning bath has recently become more of a quick dip while O explores the one cabinet he has free access to and "helps" me find really old issues of US Weekly that I proceed to read front to back, as if they are new.  Loved reading about Mariah Carey's pregnancy with twins and Brett Michael's heart attack this past week.)

You see, I bathe, I don't take showers. Ever. Well, not ever, I had to shower on our Honeymoon because Europeans wanted me to suffer and discover Turkish Bath Houses (an entirely seperate post), and I showered a few times while pregnant because I was afraid O was literally getting baked in there.  But once I got the clearance from my OB to soak for up to 30 minutes, I was back in the porcelein saddle.

I just hate showers.  I hate the way they feel, I find standing to be not relaxing at all, and I hate the way it's virtually impossible for your entire body to be warm at the same time.  I hate the stupid dance of water on my back, turn around for water on my front.  That's when it happens.  That's when the water splashes you in the face.  Mostly, I hate even the prospect of water being splashed on my face. Give me nails on a chalkboard all day long, but keep your splashing water droplets away. It's literally the most annoying feeling in the world to me.

Now I'm going to answer some of the FAQ I get whenever people hear this terribly interesting fact:  No, bathing isn't soaking in your own dirt when you bathe twice a day and are a generally clean person. Yes, I wash my hair in the tub.  More often than not, though, I wash my hair quickly in the kitchen sink during a snack time.  I do still wash and clean my face despite hating to get water on it.  I use towelettes and and damp wash cloth with cleanser, relax!  And I don't know why I hoard old copies of gossip rags in my bathroom cabinet.  But it keeps O away from the Vagisil and Tampons, so they're staying.
Where was I?  I'm not really sure, except somewhere in there, I decided that Bathtime Blogging is going to be a regular feature on this little blog.  Cross your fingers that my phone insurance plan covers water damage!


thetormeys said...

kiling me. you are just like my best friend Ashlee. she takes a bath EVERY night and with a 5 year old and 5 month old, that is quite an accomplishment! haha! hope you have a glass of wine at your night time sesh! i might take a bath tonight after reading this, but my tub is small and impossible to submerge my whole body, so sad. looks like i'm stuck with showering with a toddler and the occasional half body bath.

rachel said...

Wow! That's impressive!

I'm sad for you that yours is small, I can sadly relate :( I used to have a garden tub and llllloved it and now I'm back to a regular one, which isn't's just no garden tub, and it took a LOT of adjusting!

Shannyn said...

I haven't been able to take a bath at this apartment (two roomies and a old drain make it just too much of a hassle!) but I yearn to take baths again. I cannot wait to favorite thing are the bath bomb fizzies, those are fabulous to unwind with. Put on some good tunes, hot bubbly water and it's heaven!

rachel said...

YES!!! Have you tried the bath bombs from Lush??? I'm sure you are up on those...BUT on the off chance you haven't, you absolutely must! I'm sure there is one in Chicago can get bombs with glitter in them!!!! Glitter water, OMG!!!!


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