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Friday, June 1

Creative Pregnancy Announcements

This Baby Center article on Lilsugar totally got me thinking about preg announcements today. I'm a total sucker for a pregnancy announcement, and in my book, the more dramatic and theatrical, the better.

First off, no I'm NOT pregnant, but I am always thinking ahead...way ahead.  My announcement of the impending O to the FB world was more for personal satisfaction and admittedly not super creative, but it was planned years in advance, when in college, a few of us decided to make really cool shirts to show off our tandem pregnancies (assuming life worked that way and that we were still really cool).

Well, I had the chance Round One when I found out I was pregnant a few months after Jessica, one of my besties and regular on this blog, did.  She's a cheer coach and had a lot of puffy paint on hand one night, so we realized our dream and blasted Facebook with my joyous news (hers was already a little obvious..)

Anyway, send me any good ideas to stash away for potential future use.  Yes, future, I swear I'm not pregnant and digging for ideas to use right now. Swear!  I just like to plan these things!