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Wednesday, June 20

First Fever

O officially has his first fever.  Believe it or not, he's gone all his life without an actual fever (trust me, I wouldn't believe it either if I wasn't on one end of the rectal thermometer).  But today we ventured out to the WAP to meet up with some highschool girlfriends and their babies.  On the way there, I noticed O in the mirror with a mouthful of chubby little fingers.  When we got home, he transferred into his crib (we have gotten SO good at this lately) but he woke up after only and hour and half (not normal).  Then all hell broke loose.  I had to get stuff done, so I put my clingy baby into his carrier on my hip and went about the day.  His face felt super hot against my cheek and so I took his temp and it was 100.2. No wonder my usual energizer bunny was wanting to be held all day! And it looks like this fever is being brought on by a fresh new batch of teeth...I'm assuming its the canines since he already has his other 12..Any advice on easing teething discomfort at this age would be helpful!!!  And please don't say amber teething necklaces...believe I wanted that gypsy voodoo to work...but it doesn't do jack for him, I even paid a stupid premium for the most potent one.  And there's no way I'm putting those glorified puka shells on my child without them working.


Amanda said...

Aw poor O and poor you! I have no advice on the teething other than good ol Tylenol! ;) good luck! Xo

thetormeys said...

yep, i just go straight for the Advil ;) feel better little man!

rachel said...

That's what I've done so far, he loves the bubblegum flavor lol! He woke up at 6 this morning and already asleep again! Definitely not enforcing the "nap training" today!!

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