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Saturday, June 30

Happy Birthday Ty: Poorly Planned Beach Trip

It was Ty's Birthday last weekend and as a nice surprise, his boss gave him a whopping 3 days off.  Unheard of.  So, Saturday being his actual B-day, we headed out to the coast to check out the Foodie Fest with Ryan, Kindy and Eli in Encinitas.  It was kind of a dud, so we decided to walk down to the beach for a little bit.  Except, the babies made a beeline for the water immediately.  

And of course, Ty (who was already slight pouty about going to the beach in his nice clothes) refused to be the one in the water with O or to help me de-sand him because "it wasn't his idea".  I would have thrown a huge fit if it wasn't his birthday.  

This is how you know I love my child, because I hate San Diego beaches, specifically the water part of the beaches.  Don't get me wrong, the sand sucks too...sand is like glorified dirt.  Actually, it's more like glitter's evil step-sister.  No, it's like the herpes of mother earth.  It never, ever goes away no matter how many times I vacuum my car.  And my poor Tiguan had never been exposed until then.   

The point is sand sucks. But, the water is even worse.  
I hate how choppy it is, and how I can't see what kind of threatening creatures are swimming beneath it's surface.  Think about it.  It's creepy as hell.  I'm a slow runner as it is, put me in knee-deep water and there's no way I can outrun the majority of ocean creatures that are swimming around me.

Here's me thinking he can stay in his clothes because he wouldn't be interested in the actual waves.

Then I see Eli literally dive into the water.  I think "Crap. Oliver is going to want to do that."

Luckily I had a swimsuit in his diaper bag, so I grinned and bared it for the sake of my child's happiness.  Eli got soaked immediately and therefore, so did Kindy.  Enjoy this picture of my backside.

Notice Eli below.  He LOVED it.  They both did, much to my dismay.  

I'm not sure if this picture conveys how O felt about leaving the water.  And how my face conveys how I felt about it.


Ugh. Fine.  We go back in.

 Soaked Eli.

Soaked dress. 

Satisfied O.

If you're wondering where Ty was is all these pictures, well he was somewhere dry and relatively sand-free.  Since we had a birthday party to go to right after this, I was stuck rinsing sand out of O's clothes and holding them out the window on the 5 to dry on the way.  It wasn't all as bad as my complaining makes it sound,  I die of happiness watching our boys play and have fun.  I just don't want to do it again without proper planning.  EVER. 

We headed to little Wesley Simpson's first birthday after this, and then celebrated with dinner at Sublime with family and friends that night, which was fun and delicious as usual.  Hopefully that made up for him almost having to get his clothes dirty.

Happy Birthday, Ty.  I love you.


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