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Sunday, June 17

Happy Father's Day

I hope you all were as sentimental as I was this fine Father's Day.  I (but really O) gave Ty a set of spherical ice molds (his request, swear), and a spool for iPod headphones amongst other trinkets.  Very into the most practical of gifts over here. 

We ordered Phil's BBQ for Father's Day dinner with the fam. They are total con artists over there, convincing my poor Grandmother (poor only in the little old lady way...not the monetary way, but still) that 8 adults would need 8 racks of ribs....FULL RACKS, plus salad, bread, macaroni salad and beans.  So, there's a leftover or two hundred, if any of you care to join O and I for a lunch date this week. 

But on a serious note, not that I'm not seriously about the Phil's BBQ staff being swindlers, but thank you to all the Father's out there who aren't deadbeats.  The world needs more of you. <3.


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