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Monday, June 11

I Must Be Doing Something Right, Right?

Last week, something nice happened.  It was a relatively small gesture, but one that made a big impression on me. 

My friend Amanda invited O and I to join her and her baby Quinn for a playdate at the Welk Resort.  They have a perfect beach entrance pool, huge waterslide and massive splash pad...sold!  We always have fun on playdates with Amanda and Quinn...I think once you have kids, you tend to gravitate towards parents who share your parenting styles and philosophies.  So anyway, as usual we were dishing on what our respective tots were up to lately, and what parenting tactics we've been trying, what new foods we've been introducing, how we try to keep their diets balanced, the crazy price of the DHA-infused organic milk we insist on buying them, nap schedules, ect. when another mom in the pool came up and started talking to me.

She asked if O was my first and told me she was on her 4th little one.  She took me by surprise by saying she'd been listening to us talk.  Immediately,  I racked my brain,  worried I had made some catty comment this stranger had overheard...but instead, she said that she's just kinda gone with flow with this last baby, and thought she should do more of the stuff we were talking about.  Wow! Here's someone who's already kept four kids alive, and she's impressed by our rookie mom attempts??  Cool. 

Not that I do all the things I do in raising O to receive praise from others, but its a lot of work to not a be a lazy mom.  And even though I know deep down I'm doing a good job,  I have moments of crazy insecurity where I worry I'm not doing enough and that mom guilt creeps in.  So, it's nice to be recognized for trying and it was a good reminder to keep it up, especially coming from a total nosy stranger. 

I'm kicking myself for not getting pictures, because the babes were naturally all looking adorable in their swim gear...but O, water, spastic little hands and my Canon are not a good mix.  I'll have to designate a photog next time.


Amanda said...

Naturally someone would want to be like us, I mean we are amazing! ;) but I agree hearing you are doing something right ever now and then makes those challenging days a little bit easier! Thanks for the sweet words, also I am totally kicking myself for not snapping pics either...Wednesday we will have to!

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