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Saturday, June 16

Legoland, Yay or Nay?

I'm never up this early on a Saturday, but O has been doing this new thing where he sleeps in like a teenager,  so I thought I would take advantage of the alone time.  

Yesterday, my friend Amy offered to give Jess and I her Legoland guest passes and join her and Olivia  for the day.  I'd heard a lot of opinions on Legoland...some people love it, some say it's only good for specific ages, so I was anxious to check it out and see if it was worth it to invest in an annual pass.

My take?  O is little small still (even though he's tall for his age) to really go on any rides minus the one-minute train ride in the Duplo area, and the boat ride which had a 120-minute wait, and one other thing in the Fairytale area that was closed yesterday.   That's kind of a bummer and poor planning on Legoland's part considering how many people go there with younger kids and often have infants with them, as well.  I wish they would have taken a note from DL and had at least a few options (or, like DL, a bajillion options) of things you could do with an baby.  

There is the splash area, but it was super overcast yesterday, so that was out. We played in the Duplo area, had lunch, and strolled around while the babies napped (but on the off chance Olivia's mom ever reads this...she didn't nap at all.)

Pey and Olivia

Take him to an amusement part and he finds some molded plastic toy very similar to stuff he has at home and just wants to play with that...turn it into a chair, whatever.

Now, despite the fact that the babes couldn't really go on rides, the place is really, really cute.  It's definitely somewhere I will end up getting passes for, we just will wait until O is 34 inches (hopefully in a few months, he was a little over 32 inches at his one year Well Baby) and we can have more options.  I would honestly not recommend paying the day rate if you live close enough that you would go twice a year, considering that after parking, you're in over $100 per adult.  

The food is really good, too, much better than WAP or SeaWorld, plus you can take in your own lunch if you want.   People rave about the Apple Fries...they tasted just like Apple Pie.  I happen to think Apple Pie is disgusting, so I wasn't a fan, but you probably would be if you were into that kind of thing.

Extra bonus, I didn't even know anything about the SeaLife aquarium, but it's awesome.  The place totally rivals the Birch Aquarium and is super kid-friendly, with eye-level exhibits and these cool bubbles in the tanks.  See??

Warning:  the Aquarium is basically Ikea, but with more water and fish, and less DIY furniture, once you go in, there's no shortcut to get out.  

Two guesses which friend gravitated towards this tank.

How nice of you to wake up and join us at the very end of the exhibit, O!  

Oh, and the answer to the above was Jessica.  She has a weird rainbow fetish, no one really understands...but you probably already knew that.  

Thanks to Amy for taking us!!!!  We had a great day and were thoroughly exhausted.  Now,  I'm cutting out all the caffeine from O's daily diet and replacing it with human growth hormones to get him to 34 inches stat, so we can join you more often.


thetormeys said...

hahaha the Aquarium is totally like Ikea! hilarious. i can't wait to try the water park...we asked for Legoland passes for Christmas presents from Shane's dad last year and i think it's going to be an annual thing and then we don't get crappy presents either ;) oh yah and ditto on the food, amazing. SO much better than any theme park around here for sure!

rachel said...

That's a good idea to ask for passes for holidays and stuff, definitely a good strategy!!! If you try the water park, let me know how it is!!!

thetormeys said...

i'm just waiting for a really hot day, i don't like getting wet unless it's really warm ;) haha

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