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Wednesday, June 13

Nap Training & Park Playdate

I'm slowly in the process of "nap training" O.  I guess most babies take two naps for awhile.  Not this kid.  He ditched that second nap months before his first birthday.  Now, I can't complain too much, because he's always been a premium sleeper...we're talking 3+ hour naps and sometimes even sleeping in till after 9am.  Never up before 7... Twice this week he's woken up at 9:30, 13 1/2 hours after he went to sleep.  More power to him.  

However, his one monster nap happens to be in the late morning and extends into the early afternoon...during prime playdate time.  Seriously, every  baby friend we have on our speed dial is awake during this time and I can't afford to lose baby friends.  

Since this was seriously hindering our social lives, I've started the slow process of pushing the nap back to our goal of a 1pm slumber.  What's helped is little outings right when he would normally want to fall asleep at home (10:30-ish).

So today, we met up with Amanda and Quinn for a park playdate and I made sure to take him into the acid trip of a sculture garden there for some visual stimulation to help keep him awake and grouch-free.  

I love Quinn's tongue here!!

The outing was a success, and he stayed awake just long enough to chow down on some yobaby before his nap at 1...hopefully this will stick.  We can't be the only lame baby at home sleeping, son!!!  

Miss Quinn turns One tomorrow!!! Happy Birthday, Pretty Lady!!!


Amanda said...

These pictures turned out WAY better than mine, I'm stealing them for shizzle.

rachel said...

let me know if you can't pull them up full size from here and i'll email them to you!!

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