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Saturday, June 9

National Best Friend Day. Making Sure My Besties Know I Love Them Via the Internet.

In honor of National Best Friend Day, so I wanted to honor the three Besties that I call my own BFF's.  I'm incredibly fortunate to have a bunch of close friends, but these three get the Bestie crowns right now forever.  Don't make me find new friends, guys.  I <3 you all, and I would be a really sad panda without you in my life.  

And since I talk about these girls a lot on here, hopefully this will give you a little who's who.  Also, it's a good look at all my former haircolors. 

First up:  

Breanne Abbott

I met Bree sophomore year of college when she rushed the sorority.  Actually, that's how I met all three... they were all three bridesmaids when I got married, they were all three the first people I told I was pregnant (except for my mom and Ryan and Kindy) and they were all there when O was born wearing matching shirts that said "Oliver's Aunties". 

Anyway, Bree is special in that she's my first Lil' Sis in the Sor and she's fabulous.  We lived together for a couple of years, which were probably the most fun ever.  

Formal 200? something...maybe like 2005??  Ty wasn't with me, so yeah, let's go with 2005.

The retreat in 2004 where I revealed myself to be her Big Sis, AKA the happiest day of her life to date. 
I was a hot commodity that semester, everyone wanted me as their Big.  That's not even a joke or me being conceited ('s a little bit of both..)  I think it was because I was a lot more mysterious back then with my super edgy black and platinum skunk-streaked hair.   So, I got first dibs on my Little, and I wanted B.  And don't remind Ty of that hair, he might leave me.

Halloween 2007 or somewhere in there.  I'm Britney as the flight attendant in the Toxic video.  She's a (sexy) Taxi Cab Driver.  And no, they do not sell Britney Spears flight attendant costumes.  I made the hat and my grandma helped me finish the dress...which I told her was a shirt.

At the Wizard of Oz rush party I planned in 2007.  Very Ganster. Also, not that you could tell from this picture or anything, but I was working at a tanning salon during this chapter in my life.

Next Up:

Jessica Szuberla

So Jessica shares all the same history as Bree and I in the friendship department.  She's my third Lil' Sis via adoption, and why she doesn't thank me everyday for that, I will never know.  I suppose she makes up for it by being the perfect Mommy friend that I so desperately need.  Little known fact:  Jessica actually is largely responsible for me even being a mother due to this conversation on my 25th birthday:

Me: Now that I'm 25, I think maybe I want to have a baby.
Jessica:  You should totally do it.
Me: Okay! 
 I'm preg three weeks later. 

Anyway, this is us at a Founders day in LA, where I got scolded for wearing cowboy boots, 2006.

My Rehearsal Dinner, 2009.

Our super clean bathroom, on our way to play powderpuff with the SAE's, 2008.

With our little boo's, 2012.


Becca Hartegan

So, as I said before, Becca falls into all the above mentioned categories with Bree and Jess.  Becca is my only Bestie that isn't a Little, and therefore isn't obligated to like me.  But thank God that she still does, because I think she's the most grounded person I know, and as it is painfully obvious on this blog, I need that in my life.  She's also the nice one, by far.  Not that the rest of us are mean girls necessarily...but if we were, Becca would be the Cady.    

Being romantic on a booze cruise, 2009.

At my rehearsal dinner, 2009.

At her amazing bachelorette party in Palm Springs, March 2012.

Becca's Alice in Wonderland Bridal shower, February 2012.  

And just for fun...

At the Palm Springs Dino's, Spring Break 2008.

Jessica's Bday ended with all 3 of us in a snuggie, 2009.

Roomie love, Jess thinks this is a maternity shoot obviously, 2008.

My Graduation, 2007.

My Bachelorette Party in Vegas, 2009.

My wedding, with another bestie, Paige, 2009.

Vegas for Jessica's Bachelorette Party, 2011.

More of Becca's Bachelorette, 2012.

Booze Cruise, 2009.  Jess didn't go, and she hates not being included in things, so I won't post any pictures that show how much fun we had.

Fun cruise pics...
 Like this one. 
Oh hey, Cruise Director, Steve.

Or this one. 
 Yeah, I wore this in public and thought that is was okay to do so.  Luckily, Bestie Bree was there to let me know adults should, in fact, not wear in public (or own) Hello Kitty merchandise.  The hat, however, I will not apologize for, all the cool Asians were wearing them, too.

I want to go another cruise, now :(

Anyway, out in PB, 2010.

Vegas, 2009.

I hate being so cliche, but to sum it all up...thank you guys for being the best friends I truly don't deserve.  I hope that made you choke up just a little bit.  :)  
Happy BestFriends Day (which was actually yesterday but someone hid my laptop cord yesterday.. :P)



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