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Monday, June 18

Quinn's 1st Birthday!!!

Okay, so people are stepping it way, way up these days with kids parties, and I freaking love it.  
Exhibit A:  The invite for Quinn's 1st Bday.  All on a balloon.  LOVE. I knew just from the invite this would be a blast. 

Amanda, I hope you appreciate my excellent blurring out skills here so people don't stalk you! :)

What?  You thought I wouldn't keep my wrapping in check with the theme? 

I didn't get a chance to get too many actual pics of the party...I know, lame, because it was so cute and fun, with catered Mexican food (totally scoring the bomb Mexican food at these kiddie parties lately..) all sorts of activities out for the little ones, and of course the pool!  The dessert table had adorable matching cake stands and tons of mini cupcakes..perfect O size!  But, I was busy catching up with my friend Jolene, whom I hadn't seen in years, plus I was sans husband so I was super busy.  

Annnnnd O was super pissed because I wouldn't let him have a Bud Light.  I'm not kidding.   I wish I was kidding.  There was a wounded soldier sitting on a ledge near the water table and he made like 30 beelines for it.  It was all splash splash splash, turn around and try to find that can of beer, repeat.  I kept hiding it from him, just in case someone came back for it, but he has like a BL radar and kept finding it. 

The Birthday Girl going to TOWN of her Smash Cake!

So ladylike here!


Dying over this Mama Baby Cake Kiss!!

How cute is this fam??

Major props to Amanda for putting together great favors!! I know from experience it's hard to find favors for baby parties when your little guests are all across the board developmentally and age-wise.  I spent hours and way more money than I want to recount trying to figure favors out and ended up just putting out a lot of chocolate for the parents.

How perfect are these little buckets, though?!  

Thanks for having us, we had a fabulous time!!


Amanda said...

Dang that party is amazing....who did tha...haha! You are too sweet, and seriously your pictures are totes better than mine, stealing again! Thank you for coming and for the party props! Also BL radar...dying over here!

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