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Tuesday, June 12

Sofia's 1st Birthday

We had a super busy weekend with 3 Birthdays to celebrate.  That might not sound too crazy...but take O to more than one over-stimulating event in a weekend and you're down for the count for a few days.  I've been blessed with a curious runner, so parties are HARD WORK, even just to go to as a guest, not helping out at all.  

The first party was a Baptism reception and joint Birthday for my friend Jazmin's daughters, Sofia (1) and Cassandra (5).  Jazmin and I actually went to elementary school together and lost touch after that until she randomly started working with my mom a few years ago.  

This was by far the biggest kids birthday party I have EVER been to,  there must have been 12 6-foot tables full of people, and it was amazing.  Mexicans seriously know what they're doing when it comes to throwing parties...the food was delicious,  of course, and it was incredible how O could run all over the place and go up to random strangers, pat them on the knee, spout some baby babble, and by the time I caught up with him and apologized for my kid not knowing about personal space, they had already scooped him up and were playing with him.  

In my experience, white people do NOT do that, and it sucks.   White people instinctively pull away, and look around awkwardly for the child's obviously delinquent mother.  And for the record, fellow white people, she's not delinquent, she's right there behind him, he's just faster than me I mean her, whoever "she" is, so stop being so judgmental.

Because I was so busy stuffing my face with the amazing beans, carnitas, cactus salad and cantaloupe water, pictures took a backseat at this party.  I managed to get just a few with O and Sofia.

Here's O, already mad that I sat him down in the dreaded grass, hence the leg up in the air.   

I love their faces here.  And I love the fact Sofia was able to sit through face painting!   I got anxiety just thinking about O sitting through the line, let alone sitting through something cold and slimy being painted on his cheek.  

Flirty Sofia and my aloof little one.  Probably still mad about the grass.  <3 it!


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