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Saturday, June 30

Wesley's Mustache Bash 1st Birthday!

Wesley Simpson turned 1!!!!  
Since his party was on Ty's actual Bday and the day we had a big wardrobe malfunction at the beach, we got there a little late, but were still able to enjoy the super cute "little man" themed party his mama Elise put together!!  

Bubble Gum Cigars.

They like their W's ( Wesley has an older brother named Wyatt!)

Pocket Square S'mores = love.

My favorite party detail, Elise made little bow ties and ties that could be clipped on the little boys or even used for girls as hair accessories.  SO cute.  I maaaay have taken one of each :/

Delish cupcakes.  The Tiramisu was my fave.

I'm a huge sucker for any kind of bunting or garland...loved this one that Elise strung everywhere!

Birthday boy Wesley and O.

See???  How freaking cute are the bowties?!?!

Quality action shot of O throwing me the ball.

Opening gifts!

Great job, Elise!!!!  Everything was absolutely adorable!!  Happy Birthday, Wesley! :)


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