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Saturday, July 14

Baby Lane Newborn Photos

Disclaimer (Amy Sirkin, I hope you appreciate this): 
This isn't me starting a photography business.  While Justin Bieber tells me to never say never, and I respect that, access to a DSLR and Light Room doesn't qualify anyone (especially me) to be a professional.  I'm just a girl with a blog full of nonsense and I want to get better at photography, basically so I can take optimal flattering pictures of myself.  Just kidding (but a little serious).

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to meet Amanda and her husband Tony and their newborn baby boy, Lane.  They're a military family, about to make a move across the county with a newborn and face a year long deployment.  The least I could do for such a family was attempt to capture some pictures of their new little bundle since they hadn't gotten any done yet.  He was only 9 days old and completely amazing. 


Amanda said...

RACHEL! These are amazing! Great work! And that baby....adorable!

HABERER said...

Awwww cute baby!!! Oh wait I made him!!! Heheh great pictures... Thank you so much for capturing this memory for me and my husband!

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