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Saturday, July 14

Beating The Heat

We live inland (for San Diego at least) in Hidden Meadows and it's been a doozy these past few days.  We had a fun lunch and pool party at the house yesterday and today, in an attempt to keep cool, hydrated and the little one entertained, I turned to something so obvious, I'm still kicking myself for not doing it sooner: homemade popsicles.  

So easy, and perfect tot size, these were a splash of OJ, banana whole milk yogurt, mashed up raspberries and cut-up grapes, with an extra layer of yogurt on the top to freeze to the stick.    Super healthy and they were a huge hit.  I'm already refilling the molds tonight with a new TBD flavor.  

PLEASE no one make fun of his puka shells amber necklace.  

going in for seconds...

It should be obvious that these are a strictly-outside-practically-naked-snack, right?  I literally just hosed him off after he was done.

I have to give a shout out to Randy for the water melon shark he made for yesterdays luncheon/pool party.  He gets credit first for watching the Rachael Ray show with me (where this idea came from) and two, for actually making it, and the fruit salad it was stuffed with, all from the man who asked me what "tbsp" stood for just a few weeks ago. 

He was concerned about the dorsal fin looking too "Orca", but I think it looked fabulous.  This is also the man who criticized the crocodile cake pops I made for O's birthday, saying their snouts looked very "gator" and asked me if I was "okay with being responsible for little kids not knowing the difference between crocodiles and alligators."  Big problems, over here, I tell ya'.

 Good job, Dad. 


Amanda said...

So funny I just picked up a Popsicle kit the other day to make these for Quinn, I'll have to try your recipe. Also, I am fully aware that I comment on every one of your posts and it is getting slightly stalkerish.

rachel said...

Oh please, you know I love the comments!! These were just cheapo molds, but have you seen the popsicle makers at Williams Sonoma?? It freakin' expensive but freezes the popsicles in only 7 minutes!!

Amanda said...

Seven minutes?! How is that even possible? I'm making mine after she heads to bed, let's hope she likes them!

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