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Wednesday, July 18

Chocolate Mug Cake in Minutes

I have a recipe for you that copious amounts of RHOOC have me wanting to describe as "bomb dot com."  Not because it's the most amazing thing you've ever tasted, but for anyone who has ever craved chocolate cake late a night when you clearly don't have one, it's next to a miracle.

You know that microwave mug cake everyone was making a few months ago?  No??  Okay, well, maybe that was just a huge hit in my Birth Club.  Yeah, I said Birth Club. Anyway, I made it better. I know that sounds really cocky, but it's true, because if I want a hasty snack, I want a hasty snack.  I don't want to be bothered by10 ingredients.  That's not efficient, that's not even a short cut to chocolate cake, that's pretty much making regular cake.  

 I took the flour, oil, and overall nonsense out of the traditional mug cake recipe, and whipped up an 11 o'clock snack in like, probably, 3 minutes tops.

Here's How:

In a mug, beat 1 egg with 2 tablespoons of cocoa powder, 2 tablespoons of confectioners' sugar and a splash of heavy cream.  No cream?  No problem, I use a splash of O's crazy fatty milk.  Not breastmilk, regular (gasp) cow's milk.  I don't know why I felt the need to clarify that...actually I do.  It's because I've spent too much time in the crunchy mom group on FB. 

Anyway, just whisk it up and pop the mug in your microwave for about 30 seconds depending on the wattage.  After 30 seconds, I throw a handful of chocolate chips on top and microwave for about another 15-20 seconds, to make this a poor man's lava cake. 

Sprinkle on a little extra confectioners' sugar...

Eat with milk.  This cake is rich.

I make these for Ty, scoop the cake out and serve in a bowl with vanilla bean ice cream because he's not a fatty and calories don't seem to exist in his world.  

Play around with the cooking time to get a cake consistency you's a moist, spongey cake, not a fluffy cake.  But for goodness sakes, it was made in a microwave, don't get picky!  This isn't meant to be a culinary's an I'm PMS-ing HARD and I want chocolate cake but don't have one handy at midnight delight. 

Please don't blame me if this becomes a way too accessible addiction.


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