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Sunday, July 1

Farewell, Pastor Shawn!

Disclaimer: This is a fairly serious post.  I'll get back to the non-sense soon, I swear, I just wanted to pay some respect to a person that has meant a lot to my little family. 

 Last Sunday was a bittersweet day as it was our Pastor's last day preaching before he moves to Fresno.  Growing up, I went to "mega churches" if you will, Maranatha when I was younger, then the Flood when I was in college...but I never felt a real sense of connection with the actual churches and the leaders...mainly because they are so huge, you lose that personal feel.  When Ty and I were engaged, he found out his youth pastor, Shawn Beaty, was now the lead pastor at a church near our house in Oside.  We met with him and I instantly understood why Ty felt such a connection with Shawn.  We asked him to marry us, and started our pre-marital counseling. 

Our wedding, March 2009

We decided to make Generation our home church, even though we were moving to Escondido and it would mean 30-minute commute. It was there for us during some incredibly tough times.  I can't express how comforting it was to have a Pastor who was there after every service outside the front doors, greeting everyone and praying for people.  He's the kind of Pastor that despite being able to teach the Word incredibly well, is still very relatable.     

When O was born, we knew wanted Shawn to dedicate him.   The dedication was the day before his kidney operation and Shawn had the whole congregation pray over our son for healing as we dedicated him to the Lord in front of family and friends.  It meant so much to us to know we had the support of our Pastor and church family during such a dark time in our life.

O's Baby Dedication, October 30th 2011
Photo: Brooke McDougal of Brooke Aliceon Photography

Photo: not Brookes...(probably someone's phone??)  Notice Ty's super awkward clutch.  O was only 6 months here, but already trying to move.

Anyway, if you're reading this, thank you so much, Shawn for all you did for us, you have made a huge impact on our lives and you will be very missed!!  Ty and I wish you the best of luck in Fresno, we will be looking for streaming!  


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