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Monday, July 16

Fifteen Months

My darling boy, I've been recording your monthly milestones and whatnot in your baby book, but now that you're growing, your book doesn't have a section for each month.  But Mama's blog now does!

26.5 lbs.  (75th percentile)
33.5 inches (<97th percentile)
Continuing his growth pattern!  Such a tall, sturdy boy.

You have 12 teeth and are working on all four canine teeth.  I wish they would get here soon, while it never affects your sleep, or even your disposition, teething has been giving you a rough time and I know it hurts you.  This has been the hardest teething session, much harder than the molars.  

Mental Development:
You are chatting up a storm, little one.  You say 
Uh Oh
All Done
That ("dat!")
What's This ("wha sis?")

La La La (not technically a word, but you say it mimicking me in the microphone)
Two (no "one" yet, you babble random sounds for when we count going up and down the stairs, the two steps you need to get down each step, but you say "Two" everytime)

(+ a slew of other maybe words like "baloo" for balloon, "baa" for ball, "daayees" for doggies, "bat" for fan)

You are trying to put on your own shoes and hats.  No small tasks, since I can barely get your converse on.  We've been working on keeping hats on, and you've been putting up with me.  When you go to pull it off your head, I say "no, no" and you shake your head and I say "very good" and you clap your hands.  You love outdoors and looking at the sky and will point whenever we say planes, crows, birds, balloon, moon, anything in the sky.  You have mastered waving "hi" when you first see people  and "bye, bye" and blowing kisses this month with a bahh sound instead of muah, when someone leaves.  

Your are blooming more and more everyday into this amazing, playful little man.  You find such funny stuff hilarious, like being chased by anyone, and running across the couch and when Betsey licks your face.  Your laugh is infectious.  You love being tickled.  You still love fruit, I have to keep it from you until you've finished the rest of your meal, first, or that's all you will eat.  You are becoming so much fun to play with, you are so brave, you scare Mama sometimes!  

Can't wait to see what this next month brings.
Mama loves you.


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