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Tuesday, July 17

Future Raver or Dictator of the Sea? (Glow in the Dark Bath)

In my quest to find stimulating activities for O, I came across this wonderful idea.  Glow in the dark bath time!  We love bath time!!  And I used to really love glow sticks, in that I had to have glowing jewelry all over myself every time I went to Disneyland.  Now, I primarily associate glow sticks with ravers, ugh, but I can't deny they hold somewhat of a nostalgic charm for me still.

Enter our Raver Bath.

Actually, scratch that.  Enter King Trident out to terrorize the sea.

This picture is here purely because it contains a baby butt crack outline and I can't help myself.

 It's even fun with the lights on.

Glow sticks are basically the definition of a cheap thrill (15 for $1 at Aaron Brothers...and I mean, look at them, it's glowing liquid in a tube!)  The science behind the sticks makes them glow brighter in the warm water, too, which is fun.  And if you're selectively cheap like me, or just cheap in general, and into re-using dollar store goods, you can refrigerate or freeze your activated glow sticks to extend their lives for a few days. This is valuable knowledge straight from a glow necklace peddler at DLand, so you know it's legit.  

Now, everything is good and well as long as a certain someone doesn't get any ideas about house music.  I assure you, there was no Jersey Shore soundtrack to this bath.