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Sunday, July 15

Goodnight Moon Baby Shower

  I threw this shower along with Coco a few weeks ago for our friend Amy, who is expecting her first baby, a little boy named Milo.  I asked Amy if she had a particular theme or color scheme in mind.  She told me she liked yellow, but other than that, I had free reign on the theme...I don't think it's possible to make me much happier than to give me full control.  The one downside to being a control freak though, is that I have a really hard time relinquishing control to others, and therefore have to do everything myself.  Coco is the same way, so this was a 99% handmade shower.  The 1% store bought factor being three oversized banners I had printed at Kinko's.

I immediately thought of the Goodnight Moon theme I saw on Hostess With The Mostess awhile back which is perfect for a little boy, unexpected and super colorful.  
I focused my decor on lots of night time sayings, stars, moons, blue and white stripes (from bunny's pj's), the cow jumping over the moon, and yarn.

The Invites:  I hope you continue to be impressed by my personal information blurring out abilities, because I still am impressing myself.

I downloaded stars, moon and block letter templates from HWTM and attached these to fishing line to give the floating appearance.  

Inspired by the kittens in the story batting around yarn and the old lady knitting, I wrapped these oversized letters in yarn to display baby's name (which I'm obsessed with!)

I made these yarn balls to serve in place of flowers on the food and dessert tables.

I loved how the table turned out!  Since we had one very long (24 foot) table, I knew buying fabric for a runner was not going to be the best decision, since we were already buying five new linens.  I found a roll of 17inch wrapping paper at Micheals and used that instead.  

We kept it fairly simple centerpiece-wise with topiaries (from Sprouts of all places) and mini rose bushes from TJ's, and a crap ton of silver star confetti.

The stuffed animals from the story (cow jumping over the moon, three little bears sitting in chairs, mice and kittens) were tied to various chairs.  The plan was to award a door prize to whoever sat in those chairs..however, there was mom there with a 15-month old little boy.   Knowing first hand about going to parties with little boys, I quickly gave him the animals to play with, along with a few balloons.  My decor will only suffer for the sake of a happy little boy. (Don't worry, Jessica Szuberla, I didn't give him any of the 50 million stuffed kittens toys you conveniently had on hand to let me people...)

Printable tags attached to paper straws themed up the mini rosebushes.

Since the shower was held in the afternoon, I created a "tent" of sorts by tying ribbons and strips of tulle to the patio cover to help keep out the sun that would be shining right in.  It was so dang pretty, I kept calling it my Gypsy tent and I personally vouched for it to be a permanent installation.  That didn't fly.  Sad day!

The main food table featured a menu of Mascarpone Pancetta Tarts, Spinach Salad with a Raspberry dressing, Chicken Caesar Salad, Cucumber Watercress sandwiches, and Tomato Mozzarella Corn cakes.

My favorite part of any party...the dessert station.  In my world (and Tori Spelling's, who is my party planning mentor), it has to be a separate station.

We had to make the printed cookies that we also made for O's birthday.  This is a two part job, I handle the letters and Coco bakes and frost. We made 5 designs that read "Over The Moon", "Hush Little Baby", "Sweet Dreams", "It's a Boy" and "Welcome Milo".  Oh, and those are yellow sixlets (totally edible..I'm shocked how many people don't know about sixlets...they're like M&M's but wayy better).

Simple Vanilla Cupcakes, but homemade frosting and a making your own batter makes all the difference! 

Moon Pies with fondant moons.  Very theme-y of us, I know.  I'm not going to lie, these were not easy to make.  I spent an entire Laguna Beach marathon on a batch that got tossed, and another Laguna Beach marathon the following day making the survivors.

Lemon Cheesecake Shooters served in baby food jars.  I knew deep down I wasn't being a horder and that saving baby food jars was going to be a good idea for something .  

For extra color, I filled the dessert trays with red sixlets. And no, I didn't sort bags of them for the reds and yellows (although, that's not beneath me) but luckily Party City sells them in color packs. 

Totally have a cheesecake craving now. Dang it.  Don't blog when hungry.  


thetormeys said...

omg. the baby food jars! love that!! and i've been obsessed with HWTM forever! best site! beautiful job!

cait said...

gorgeous! please come throw me a party! :)

valerie carol said...

Everything is so adorable, Rachel!!!

Amanda said...

Stop it...photographer, party planner, writer, chef....if I didn't like you do much I'd probably hate you. ;)

rachel said...

Thanks, everyone!!! Cait, I will gladly throw you a about a Cait and Jeff visit San Diego party??? Haha.

tdguetig said...

Where did you get the cute signs for the food? Adorable party!

rachel said...

They are from the dollar bins at Michaels! they are mini chalkboards and i painted them and used bistro chalk pens.

Lauren Dawkins said...

Hey Rachel I am in desperate need to find out how you made the baby shower invitations please help my sisters shower is soon and I am trying to get this together!! Thanks Lauren

thebriggsfam said...

I'm interested in the invite too!! Any chance you'll share the file??!

Wenni Donna said...

Wonderful preparations dear, especially I love the color combination scheme you have used for party. I am also going to plan a small kid’s party at local party venue NYC and I think using this idea of your color scheme will make a nice choice.

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