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Monday, July 9

Happy B-Day, USA!

In the past, we have had a family tradition of booking an expensive table at Peohe's in Coronado on the 4th of July, and watching the fireworks display across the bay from their patio.  We opted out of that this year, considering O would be not be very appreciative of the fine dining, and thank God we did, because all of San Diego freaked out when this happened :

Crazy.  Anyway, we decided to check out the display in RB instead.  I was pleasantly surprised how casual and easy it brother and his friends joined us, along with Ryan, Kindy and Eli and friends Kimi and Sean.

There was music courtesy of 2/3rds of Nickelcreek (NOT to be confused, EVER, with Nickelback), Sarah and Shawn Watkins, we had a picnic, the guys played football and the little ones ran around everywhere.

Plus, the fireworks show lasted more than 15 seconds...more than downtown can say!!

Tyler wearing the appropriate garb, as always.  To his credit, he had come directly from work...but still...

"I'ma steal this ball"

<3 him.  Even though he's demonstrating an affinity for sports  :/ 

Love this picture of the boys with Uncle Ryan.

Eli not letting O pass.  O clearly is buying it.

<3 this.
Also, this makes me terrified of ever having twins.

O found a leaf.  His favorite thing these days. 

Thank you for pointing out the fireworks, baby, I would have missed them otherwise.  Bahaha.  Love him. 

Happy Birthday, America.


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