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Monday, July 9

Happy Birthday To Me, I Guess??

I get this little tiny hat box for Goorin first thing in the morning from Tyler, along with a dress (yes, be jealous, my husband picks out clothes for me and they're usually awesome) and two coffee table books, one on different macaron techniques that I've been obsessing over.  Anyway, in the hat box, is a tiny newsboy cap.  Like doll sized.  Tradition goes, you would take the little hat to the hat shop and exchange it for the hat of your choosing.  I LOVE hats, so this was amazing for me. 

So off we go, to the Goorin Hat shop in the Gaslamp and we got down to serious hat trying-on and feather picking out business.

Too much?  Good.  That's what I was going for.

Trunks and trunks of children's hats.  Dying for the day O fits these.  He might not go to college, but at least he'll have some fly hats growing up.

Outside the shop, O found a leaf.

And a storm drain.  And more leaves. Score for baby O.

And because babies don't like shopping (strangely) he climbed on the window display at Urban Outfitters (No, I didn't actually let him get up there in the window).

I've seen Ciro's in the gaslamp a million times, but we stopped there for a quick lunch.  Delish!!!

We did some more shopping at Fashion Valley and finished off the day in a casita at Hacienda De Vega with close friends.

It was at dinner that I received not one, but TWO sports bras as gifts from different friends (albeit, both besties who know me so well).  Now, this is news because I just obtained my first sports bra (yes, ever) a few months ago.  So, now, I have this big ego like I'm a real work out person because I even have the right bras to wear.  Although, the thought did occur to me that the gifts were actually encouragement to work out more :/ awkward, if that's the case.

Watch out, LA Fitness.  I'm going so much harder now that my underwire isn't killing me.


Amanda said...

Haha you crack me up lady! Happy birthday in glad it was wonderful!! Xo

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