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Wednesday, July 18

It's SO Fluffy !!! : Fluffy Stuff Sensory Bin

I put together this sensory bin this past week for O to play with.  I'm pretty eager to make ones with really complex themes, but since babies don't get things like that yet, I figured this was a good, happy medium.   He looooves soft things, in fact he has a whole basket of "softies" that he cuddles and sleeps with, so a bin full of fluffiness seemed like a premium idea for him.

Fluffy Stuff Sensory Bin

*Cotton balls
*Stuffed Lamb
*Pom poms
*Fuzzy Mustaches (the adhesive, costume kind)
*Wool yarn
*Chenille yarn
*Green chenille microfiber fabric scraps
*Stuffed mouse cat toy ('s new, though, don't worry)

O really liked this bin, especially pulling apart the cotton balls and the the fibers of the wool yarn.  He scooped everything out of the bin and back in and then dug in again to play with the texture of the different objects.  It was easy clean-up, and contained less objects that served as projectiles than his other bins.  

Obviously, this has small parts, so small tots cannot play independently with it...but he's getting so big so quick and plays solo all the time, I enjoy any reason to get down on the floor with him and watch him learn.


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