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Friday, July 20

Park Playdate + Pizza on the Grill

 I hadn't seen Jenna, Hunter and Ella in so long, I was glad we were able to meet up with them today at Sunset Park.  We had our Easter Egg hunt here in April, but we hadn't actually been to the splash pad part of the park since last summer when O couldn't even sit up, let alone enjoy the water (believe me, I tried).  I looove this splash pad, because the water comes only from the ground (unlike the dang wild animal park that sprays all over the freakin' place)...which is convenient if you get in there with your tot and don't want to get wet.  O likes this one a lot too because he's really into drinking fountains these days and this is basically just a really huge one for him.

 ...See??  Big drinking fountain.  That's all this is to him.

 I spy Hunter!

 Before I was the mother of a little boy, I didn't understand just how innate the need to be, well, a little boy, really is.  They run and climb and repeat.  Here's both boys insisting on climbing the snake, even though it was pretty warm on their little paws!

Hunter Vs. The Woodchips!

I wish I had thought to get some pics of precious Ella who was snoozin' away in the 

Anyway, Ty has been wanting to make grilled pizza for awhile now, so we tried it tonight.  

You basically give any meat or veggie toppings a little pre-cooking, get your pizza dough, roll it out and sprinkle uncooked grits or polenta on both sides, grill one side and removed from heat.  On the uncooked side, top with your cheese and sauce and veggies/meat.  Then throw that back on the grill till your cheese melts and you are good to go.  

We did a Kansas City BBQ Chicken Pizza & a Margherita Pizza, with grilled peaches for dessert. Delish.


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