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Tuesday, July 10

Preschool Gymnastics

We headed over to the Y Gymnastics Center in Carlsbad for Preschool open gym today with our friends Amanda and Quinn.  I have to say, this place was like heaven for the parents of an eager explorer.  I could barely get our paperwork filled out, this kid was making a beeline for the gym.  I didn't know what to expect, I guess I was thinking it would be a lot smaller and just have a few things for babies to crawl on.  

Umm, no.  This place is literally a fantasy factory for toddlers.  GIANT FOAM PIT.  Rope swings for babies.  Trampolines galore, monkey bars and those rings people swing on, all specifically designed for tots.  Did I mention there is a massive foam pit??  

It was awesome, there were tons of little ones there, but all with highly attentive parents, unlike other play places, so you don't have to worry about some rogue toddler pushing your kid down because the parents are all right there, parenting.  Awesome. 

I seriously can't wait to take O back.  

Stolen pic from Amanda.  Seriously, where does the kid get his nerve? 

Babies escaping  in 1...2...3...

 "I'm gonna jump, Mom!  I'm gonna do it!!!!!"

See?? This place is no joke.

But back to the important foam pit.  Here's O attempted to remove all of the foam chunks like they are building blocks.  

I'm dying over these pics of cute is she peeking over the mat??

Oliver's lovely foam tower.  I can't believe it's my job to play with this kid everyday.  <3

Anyway, we had a great day, baby was tiiiiiired out after all that gymnastics so Mama enjoyed a quiet afternoon and taco tuesday with the besties.  

Oh, and I just ripped my first DVD, everyone.  Ty is on this kick where we are burning all our movies to a harddrive and getting rid of the actual if anyone wants a realllly eclectic DVD library, it's up for grabs.  Shoot me an email! 


Amanda said...

Babies escaping picture...hilarious! And I am still impressed with O's block building may have an architect on your hands! ;) can't wait to go again with you two!

melbeard said...

So.Flippin.AWESOME. I have to find a place in DC or Virginia like this. Landon is an insane-O active climber. It's wearing his mama out! haha.

rachel said...

Mel, I bet there is one around you, check out the local ymca's and search for "preschool open gym" !

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