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Monday, July 2

Rainbow Rice

  I've been wanting to make rainbow rice forever since it became the super trendy thing for moms to do on Pinterest.  Since I had some stuff to work on in the house today, I whipped up a batch of this magical starch to keep O occupied outside with Ty

 I think rainbows are pretty...maybe not to the extent some people named Jessica do, but I can definitely appreciate them.  And I was thankful while making this that my son can actually see all of the colors. If you don't know us in real life, Ty is severely color deficient ("color blind" as it is commonly, if inaccurately, referred to).  He can only see two colors in the rainbow (a yellowish tone and blue).  Sometimes, I think he gets sad looking at a rainbow, knowing that other people see stuff he doesn't.  And then sometimes (usually) I think he's just pretending to get sad for some ulterior motive I still haven't figured out.

Anyway, making the rice involves nothing more than scooping measured rice into a ziplock bag, adding a teaspoon of rubbing alcohol per cup of rice and a few drops of food coloring.  Let out excess air, zip the bag and shake, shake, shake.  You can let your baby do this part if you trust them, and aren't are a control freak about everything equal color distribution.  Then, lay out the rice to dry (i.e. until you can't smell the alcohol) and put it in the bin of your choice for your baby to get crazy with.  

Tip:  Don't try to suck the excess air out of the bag.  I knew it was a bad idea the millisecond before I took a huge huff of rubbing alcohol plastic baggie air.  Nasty.  

How long do babies keep their hand dimples??  I will cry so hard the day they're gone.

 They kill me together, all like father like son and stuff..

I highly recommend this as an early sensory experience.  Oh, yeah, I'm totally going to be one of those weird moms.  But seriously, if you have a getting into everything child, make this,  and head outside,  or inside if you're brave and/or like making bad decisions.  It's quick, cheap, easy and should store well.

Peace & Rainbows.


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