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Monday, July 30


I decided to go to Sarah's wedding Saturday, even though I had just left the hospital and was heavily medicated...we've been friends for over ten years, I couldn't not go.  Plus, I had been looking forward to it for weeks...this was the first wedding all us girls have been able to attend as all just guests, not bridal party, and that is so much more fun!!! 

Anyway, it was beautiful, Sarah looked STUNNING, and we had a blast and I'll post a million photos soon...but I paid for it yesterday and spent basically all day bound to bed feeling like death.  Today's been a better day, I'm feeling overall better, but it's a slow process.  I really need to not let myself over do it.

Since I've had to keep a low profile, and since my bouncing boy is being tended to by both Nana and Grandma Jan, I've been able to work on a few projects in bed and in chair I can't wait to share and so does O.  He's been channeling his inner-Rembrandt.

I can't wait to get back to just being his mama. I feel like I've missed so much these past few days I spent in a Norco-induced coma.  He started saying two new things today..."boom boom" for when he falls down on his bum for fun and "night night".  He's high-fiving and blowing kisses on demand, coloring the whole patio with chalk and being put in babyjail as a punishment for the first time (for running-on-the-couch offenses).

I also can't wait to finally be back in control of the things I like to manage.  Like running grocery errands myself because I know what stores have what and where to find things on sale.  And bossing around the dog groomer at Petsmart who never follows my instructions for Chaucer's proper haircut.  Ty gave them the best description of the particulars that he could (trim up the beard, short ears, no bangs...he's not a freaking girl) and I'm grateful for his help.  I just want to do it myself.  

Mainly, I just want to pick up my baby when he asks me too.
Soon enough, my little darling. Soon enough.

(This is so sappy, I'm sorry.)

To compensate for that, here's a pic from the wedding till I have time to upload the rest... 
 Please note my roots are still not done ( I was somewhat indisposed the day Kindy was going to save me from myself)  But now, I think I'm just going to start a trend, kind of like a reverse, upside down ombre.  It's sure to catch on.


Amanda said...

You don't even look like you went through that whole ordeal! I can imagine its hard to force yourself to lay low, but take advantage of the help and get healthy! Hope to see you soon! Xo

melbeard said...

You do not look like you just had surgery!!! You look great! I know how you feel not being able to pick up O, I made the mistake if picking up L too soon after surgery and immediately regretted it! Rest up and get better soon!

rachel said...

Thanks, guys, I appreciate it!!! I tried really hard haha.

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