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Monday, July 9

Sarah's Bachelorette Party & Lingerie Shower

Friday night was Sarah's much anticipated Bachelorette Party and Lingerie Shower.  Amy and Tracy planned her party at the Hard Rock Hotel downtown and it had a theme perfectly fitting Sarah:  Red and Cheetah print.

I was savoring the night out with the girls and didn't get too many great pics, so I ended up stealing a couple of these pics from Tracy.  And I didn't mean to crop anyone out, it's just the way the layout is, you have to click on the picture to see the full size. 


Every Bride needs a veiled thong. Fact. 

Fireworks, just for you, Sarah!! Ha

So, Sarah's fiance' Willie is winning right now.  He bought us a table at Float.  Way to know the way to your fiance's friends' hearts, Willie.

The dress code for the night was more relaxed than I'm used to at these things, it was simply a solid color dress.  Check out the "cool" palette.  I'm still crazy impressed by Becca's hair, which normally does not hold a curl.  She did that with one of those wand things.  Amazing!

I'm still feeling slightly uncomfortable about wearing red, as it is NOT in my wardrobe repertoire at all. However, it was the most comfy, solid colored (read:cheapest) dress I could find while shopping with O.  But it was seriously comfy too.  I'd like to think I did the whole High-Low thing real well this night with the $12 dress, $3.80 earrings, Marc Jacobs bag and Michael Kors shoes.  Which have practically paid for themselves at this point, by the way.

I have gorgeous friends,  this is nothing new,  but these two were making me feel a little, ummm, inadequate, when standing next to them.  Made a mental note to always find a flat-chested buffer to stand in between myself and these two from now on.

Becca and Jess totally reminded me of a Mermaid and a Barbie.  Perhaps this was the beginning of the end for these two??  What??  <3

Happy Bachelorette, Sarah!! Love you!!! Can't wait for the wedding. 


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