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Saturday, July 14

Sensory Saturday Night

I'm on a potentially annoying blog roll tonight, but I have the energy, so I need to harness it while I can.    I warned you that I was going to start getting weird with all the early-education-learn-through-play-and -exploration-hippie-mom- mumbo-jumbo, so just be prepared.  

Saturday nights always get me a little down because we're always home alone and Ty works late and there is never anything good on TV when O goes to sleep...or basically anytime on Saturdays.  Lame.  I'm normally 100% fine with being alone, I've always been fairly independent.  But something about Saturday nights bums me out...maybe it's my version of the Sunday Blues.  But I decided lately to make the most of the alone time, and cook exactly what I want for dinner solely. Which basically means it's going to all chinese food, every saturday night. 

Tonight, as I made my Benihana egg fried rice, I plopped O down on the kitchen floor with one of the new sensory bins I've been putting together.  Since I was cooking, I had to make sure it wasn't one with any small parts (the cotton ball bin was our first try and got confiscated after two seconds, when I came to my senses).  

Round Object Bin

An easy theme to assemble using toys you most likely already have, this bin included:
* O Ball
* Toy Golf Balls
*Baby Einstein Roller Piller Activity Balls 
* Hide & Squeak Eggs
*Haba Magica Clutching Toy
*Small Ball Pit Balls
*Boon Snack Ball (filled with goldfish, raisins and graham sticks)

This was a really premium selection of objects for his age.  I could relax while cooking and it kept him entertained for a good twenty-five minutes.  Then add in the snacking time, and the fifteen minutes of moving oranges out of their proper bags into various new places, and I had just enough time to get everything done and cleaned up. 

It didn't take long for him to find the snack ball and hear the snacks rolling around inside.  

"But really, who needs mom's thoughtfully put together play activities when there's a giant bag of juicing oranges I can displace?"


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