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Sunday, July 29

The Appendix Saga

I started writing this on Wednesday night when my pain meds had just really kicked in for me and life was good.

It's been an interesting 24 hours.  Last night, everything was going on as normal...went to Taco Tuesday with the girls, came home, bathed O and put him down.  Around 11pm, I settled into bed with some ice cream to watch Pretty Little Liars, and started getting what I thought were super strong menstrual cramps.   It was weird because I never really have cramps, and wasn't expecting Aunt Flo for another 20-something days, so I got up to get a heating pad.  

Then, I collapsed from the pain.  I yelled for Ty, but he thought I was exaggerating and in no hurry to wake up for someone crying wolf, so I crawled on my hands and knees to get into the bathtub, thinking a hot bath would help.  I laid down in the tub as it started to fill up and I knew immediately something was very wrong.  My stomach was puffy and swollen and looked a lot like it did right after childbirth.  I'm incredibly vain, so I spend an embarrassing amount of time looking at myself, and so there was no mistaking this sudden change.  

The warm water wasn't helping at all, it actually seemed to make things worse, so I asked Ty to call a nurse and ask what I should do.  I thought maybe I was having a cyst bursting, because two of my besties have had them, one while we were on vacation in Palm Springs together, and I was familiar with the symptoms.  I got out of the bath and immediately laid down again on the rug, because I was so dizzy and it hurt too much to stand. Ty got ahold of a nurse on the phone and she had him press down on different parts of my abdomen and at one point, the pain jumped across to the other side of my stomach.  The nurse said this was called rebound pain, a sign of appendicitis, and to take me to the ER right away. 

Now, I hate the hospital, and I'm the last person that wants to go to the ER, so Ty literally has to dress me, because one, I'm resisting and wanting to at least wash my hair first, and two, because I can't stand up.  He literally had to drag me out of the house, totally thinking like a man, and didn't even give me a bra, panties, phone charger, you know essentials...anything...but somehow I had a pair of his sweats and a t-shirt on and my big, fluffy white robe.  Ironically, this was my "hospital robe", the robe I special ordered from Ty's work (read: not even cheap at 50% off) to wear in the hospital after giving birth to O. I even had it monogrammed in baby blue thread for my pending little boy.  But it was way too hot to wear it and it never even left the bag.

We got to the ER around 2am, got checked in and had blood drawn.  They called me back and changed me into a scratchy gown and scared me multiple times into thinking I was pregnant . I tried to bribe them into giving me something to drink and promised I could give the urine sample they kept asking for right away if they did that, but they didn't buy it.  Jerks.  My blood work comes back normal, apparently there are elevated white blood cell counts when dealing with appendicitis, so it's likely I didn't have that. I think  "I just came to the ER in the middle of the night, and I probably just have gas."  But they ordered a CAT scan and an ultrasound to rule out cysts and anything with my appendix.  If you've never had a CAT scan before, they suck, they make your mouth taste like metal and make you think you are peeing yourself with some phantom warm sensation down there.

Luckily, or unluckily, my results of the CAT scan showed I did in fact have appendicitis and they needed to operate immediately.  I was honestly relieved it was "something" and I didn't just make a big deal out of nothing.  I've had a few surgeries before, one involving a gaping incision to remove an 8lb infant from my abdomen (which honestly, wasn't a big deal), so I wasn't too worried about a 5 oz pointless organ.

At this point I just wanted to go to sleep, it's 7am and I haven't slept in 24 hours.  So a little nap sounded great.  

Then, I woke up and it was all over. I have 3 incisions, one on my side, one under my bellybutton and another on my c/s incision.  I still look a little post-partum, but I'm blaming that on the millions of bags of saline they insisted on giving me in an IV.  I'm not going on Wii fit for at least a week till I can make sure it's all peed out.

I stayed in the hospital for two days, and aside from the pain being annoying, it wasn't the worst thing in the world to watch a whole lot of the Kardashians, uninterrupted. 

Flowers from Bree!

Flowers from Ty!

 At one point during my stay I was half asleep while a nurse was checking my vitals.  I heard her say "So pretty!!" and it totally made my day to hear that despite feeling awful.  Then, I woke up and realized this had been on my lap, and she was definitely talking about Katie Holmes and not me. :/

Cakes from Nothing Bundt Cake.  Becca, my fave was def. the chocolate chip, but they were all amazing and are all gone. 

I have an amazing support system of family and friends and I would have been a trainwreck without them. My mom took over watching O without me saying a word.  Granted, she's not complaining one bit about her sleepovers with O in her bed, either.  She's loving being #1 for awhile.  Ty stayed with me all day Wednesday, from 2am till 8pm and slept standing up and in whatever chair they had and brought me whatever meals I asked for when the hospital fare sucked over and over again.  He came before work Thursday morning and back Thursday night and has been amazing since.  My friends were awesome, as, well, expected, because they are just those kinds of people.  Bree was there right when I woke up with entertainment and flowers and Becca and Jess and Pey entertained me the next night.  And I can't forget Kat.  I am ridiculously grateful to have an actual MD for a friend that I can talk to when I'm freaking out, post op.  A huge thank you to everyone who sent messages and texts and calls, I appreciated it so much!!


MariaSelf said...

you're such a strong woman, Sarah! I truly admire how brave you were through this entire experience - I would totally freak out, and would be lost for an entire month after the surgery!!!

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