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Sunday, July 22

Valerie's Bridal Shower!

Yesterday, Amy and I drove up to the OC for our friend Valerie's bridal shower.   I love going to showers, weddings and parties for sorority sisters because it's always like a little reunion, and we always seem to pick up right where we left off.  It's bizarre how I hadn't seem some of the girls in real life in a couple years, but thanks to FB, still know rather intimate details of their everyday lives. Anyway, just some random musings.  

Val's bridesmaids put on a lovely luncheon and and I was pretty proud to tie the "How Well Do You Know Valerie" trivia game with her mom and her sister!! As much as I hate shower games, I do love trivia.  I feel kind of like a stalker for knowing so much about your birth place and all, Valerie!  Confession:  I cheated a little.  I didn't know your sign, Val...I don't even know my son's sign...I know his birthstone is a diamond and that him and his father should buy me lots of jewelry representing that...but the zodiac is totally foreign to me, except that apparently you are not supposed to marry your sign, which I did, whoops. :/    We googled your sign.  I'm sorry!  

Val was smart and had a pro photographer at her shower capturing all the details.  He had the same camera as me, so I made sure to annoy him with a bunch of questions and get his recommendations for new equipment.

All the framed pictures were from Valerie's engagement session with Brooke Aliceon Photography 

Guests were told to bring advice or family recipes to make a scrapbook guestbook.  
I am DOWN for any crafting at showers.  I gave a recipe for salted chocolate pots.  Horrible idea, seeing that I've been craving them ever since and have no good chocolate in the house.

 Completed pages...

 Val's Mom made all these bundt cakes for desserts! 


The "Have You Ever..." game.  What was she saying "Yes" to??? ;)

 Kat & Val

 The Beautiful Bride to Be!!  

And a huge reminder to me that it's time to get my roots done.  What in the world am I thinking, walking around like that??  How has it been like 8 weeks?? What's wrong with me???

I had a blast catching up with everyone, thank you again to the hosts, if any of you are reading this.   

Congrats to Valerie & Mark, I cannot wait for your big day, I know it's going to be amazing!!!!  


Morgan Nicole Ilg said...

awwww it looks like it was so much fun! I love all of the pictures as well!
have a great day!

Shannyn said...

Loved that! The food looked delicious and the decorations were gorgeous!

valerie carol said...

Thank you for documenting all the details for me! My girls did amazing! And for coming to my shower! It meant so much to have you there! Loved this July AKA my month of Rachel!

Penguin said...

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