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Tuesday, August 21

16 Months {Why My Brother Is No Longer Allowed to Babysit}

Wow, time is flying by.  I can't believe my little one is 16 months old.  I swear everyday I fall more and more in love with you.  You are SO much fun to watch and to be around and to play with.  I'm cracking up all day long with think they funniest things are hilarious.  Like today, you were taking huge bites of pear and laughing hysterically when you had to spit some out because you bit off too much.  And poor Roxy, you laugh all day chasing her around.  She's a baby-hater, I'm sorry, babe.  It's nothing personal.

28 lbs  (75th percentile)
34 inches (<97th div="div" percentile="percentile">
I see you everyday, so I don't realize how big you are until we're out in public and people think you're two.  Why are you so big, again???  

You have 14 teeth and working on your bottom canines.  SO glad those top two came in!! 

Mental Development:
You are jabbering non-stop.  Your Grandma Jan says it sounds like you are speaking Chinese and does a completely racist impersonation of you. 

New Words This Month:
Bird (every day in the pool you point out birds in the sky..totally normal)
Big Bird (Nana taught you this by showing a picture of Big Bird on the Sea World map, not normal)
Bye Bye
Nooooo (very exaggerated)
Waaa for water
Vroom (You make this sound when playing with your little cars or trains)
Tuurrr-ulll (turtle)
I'll have to come back and add the rest as I remember them!

We've been working this month on different body parts.  Your favorites to point out are your tongue and your toes.  I should not have taught you body part by pointing to them on a Jellycat bear, because this made you think your ears on top of your head, when they are in fact not.  We are re-learning ears.  :)
You love love love water and we go in the pool daily, sometimes twice a day.  You are not afraid of water at all, both a good and a bad thing.  You don't mind going under one bit.  You love it when I ask you where the turtles are in the pool, and you immediately point out one of the turtles tiled into the pool.  Your favorite one to point out is the "baby turtle" on the baja step.  You love playing with your dad's torpedo in the pool.  I swear you could play with that thing for hours.  You also learned how to turn the lights on and off in your room and constantly switch the light off.

You are becoming your own little person more and more each day.  You love playing solo with your trains or flipping through books, but then will enjoy some serious cuddle time.  I secretly love it when you cry "Mama" and reach for me when someone else is holding you.  You were never that attached to one person as a little baby, so I'm enjoying a tiny bit of this now.

A fun story from this month:
You've always loved playing with phones, and have been holding mine up to your ear and having convos for awhile now. But this month you learned how to answer my phone...very dangerous.  This afternoon, your Uncle Ryan #1 was watching you while I was fixing my hair.  He came in to tell me that my phone rang and he let you answer it.  What the heck, right???  Sure enough, I go into your room and you are sitting with my phone up to your ear saying "Da da?" over and over again to none other than my Gyno, calling to give me some lab results.  It was pretty funny after the fact, and of all the professional people to call and have you answer, I guess it was best that it was the one who delivered you.  

But Uncle Ryan, you're fired.


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