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Wednesday, August 22

A Day In O's Diet

I'm a total procrastinator.  I work on it everyday, I really do.  I learned quickly though, being even a little bit disorganized and being a mom are like a natural disaster waiting to happen.  So I've been working on anticipating needs and being prepared.

We decided this evening to go see Mick Mouse tomorrow.  

Packing toddler food for a day trip such as this is no joke.  For me, it involves preparing and packing 3 meals and at least 3 snacks, because let's be honest, at least one of those snacks is going to get thrown on the ground at Downton Disney.
(I freaking love T.V. and can't wait for all three of those shows to be back.)

Anyway, this may not seem like a big deal to non-parents, or even to veteran parents, but I'm pretty proud of myself for having this together early to prevent those stressful minutes before leaving the house with a young toddler. 

What's on O's "To Go" menu*:

Breakfast On The Go: Whole Wheat Granola Waffle, 1/2 Banana + Blueberries + Milk
Morning Snack: Peach-Apricot Sauce (in the green Beaba pouch) + Orange slices
Lunch: Elephant-shaped Cheese Sandwiches + Edamame + Raisins
Afternoon Snack: Freeze dried Pear Slices + Goldfish (IF I'm not feeling neurotic about having orange crumbs everrrrrrrywhere)
Dinner: Turkey + Ham Roll-ups + Steamed Carrots & Greenbeans + Organic Superfruit Snacks + Milk
Dessert: Greek Yogurt

We share a lot of this stuff (i.e. the yogurt, orange, ect.) to prevent waste, and according to Dr. Greene, it encourages lifelong healthy eating if your child sees you eating the same (healthy) food as them.  I grin and bare it only for O.   

I really just want some popcorn. 

*I'm always, always trying to come up with new things to make and pack for O to make life interesting.  I would absolutely love any feedback with your favorite foods to give to your kids.  


Amanda said...

I love this you gave me some good ideas too! Now for my questions: did you purée up the peach-apricot sauce or did you store buy it? I love this idea especially with that great squeezable pouch! Second question do you buy the edamame beans just like in the picture or do you separate them out (don't laugh if that is a totally blonde question! ;) ok I lied three questions, when did you start giving O raisins? I'm a freak about choking, Q only has her front eight right now. Thanks lady!

rachel said...

Haha those are NOT blonde questions at all. I was totally freaked out by raisins too! Okay, so I pureed them in the baby bullet (we have a peach tree that was overflowing). Honestly, they're a pain to prep, but they were on hand, so I used them. The pouch is amazing though, I mean kids eat applesauce and stuff like that till they're way older, so I figured we'd get a lot of use out of it. I I buy the edamame frozen, already shelled at Trader Joe's, and you just put them in the microwave with a little water for like 30 seconds and they're warm. And back to the raisins, I started giving him them around his birthday...he had his molars at 1, but what really convinced me was his ped said with choking, the biggest risk is the shape of food, which why grapes are the number culprit, along with hot dog sliced in circles, a whole grape is the perfect size and shape to fit in a baby throat. Anyway, that made me feel better about giving him raisins, (and fruit with the peel on). You could always try cutting a few in half and seeing how she does with them, theres no way she would choke on something thaaat small, you know??

Ashlee Christopher said...

What a fun blog!! SOOOOoo nice to meet you :). Thank you for sharing!

Amanda said...

You rock! Thanks lady! I'm giving them all a try! Also, I just tried kale chips with Quinn, and they were a hit. Shred up the leaves on a baking pan, drizzle with EVOO and sprinkly with sea salt, 350 for 10 minutes...delish and healthy and easy enough for the kiddos to eat!

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