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Sunday, August 12

Becca's Hunger Games-Themed Birthday Party

My dear Becca celebrated another birthday this past week! We surprised her with a mini-party at Taco Tuesday.  OTB definitely thinks we are weird for bring our own table cloths, napkins, decorations, ect. for birthdays, but it's what we do, and hey, we clean up better than they do practically.  As far as a big party goes, Becca planned an entire beer-pong tournament party around the Hunger Games theme! 

I wasn't my usual annoying paparazzi-self because I was sans baby and sans husband, and I needed to maximize my "me" time while I could, so you get what you get :)

They both actually were able to show up later on, but we've learned from experience that O + parties with beer (particularly Bud Light in a can) are not the best combo, so it was baby chasing time after that as proceeded to steal as many of the "weapons" that he could.

Onto the details!

My fave.. mainly because I love that Lenny Kravitz is Cinna...

...and a few of the "weapons" that made it home in a certain little boys hands ;0)

Happy Birthday, Becca!!!  


Kristin said...

That looks like a really cool party! I love all the details.

Amy @ Not Your Average Baby Blog said...

I LOVE this party. So So cute. I'm such a Hunger Games lover. Your blog is adorable!

Zack Ross said...

This is really very good and enjoyable party.
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