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Friday, August 17

Cloud Dough, Snow Cones & Who Wears Short Shorts?

It's been another crazy hot week.  But, that doesn't stop O from his need to be outside, so we tried our hardest to keep cool despite the 97 degrees.  The plus is, he is getting great at his kicking in the pool thanks to our two-a-day swims.   A few pics from our week...

I made up this batch of cloud dough a few weeks ago, but finally got it out today.  I absolutely love this stuff!!!  It's so soft, but little hands can mold it and then watch it crumble when they apply too much pressure.  And it smells really good too, always a plus with the DIY sensory play materials (in contrast, the homemade finger paint smell makes me want to vomit).

Anyway, here's our experience...

O helping me set up some buckets and scoops.  The drop cloth is a MUST for this activity.  Unless  you're crazy.  This stuff is oil-y flour, people.  Use in a hose-able area, too.  

Still suuuuch a sucker for the hand dimples...

I molded up little cloud balls for him to pick up.  His face was priceless when they would crumble in his hands.  It was cool to see how he started to progressively pick them up more gently...

 ...and then smash them on the ground, laugh hysterically....and then try to put them back together.

If you want to make cloud dough at home, simply mix 8 cups of flour with 1 cup of baby oil and store in gallon-sized ziplock bag.  

It's like a 7 on the messy scale (with stupid finger paint being a 10) dusts off about the same as sidewalk chalk.

This is the face he gives me every time I say "big smile".  I couldn't love this child more.  I freaking adore how he interprets the world and responds to it.

 It was getting miserable, so we enjoyed some snow cones.  I had Dr. Pepper flavor, and since it's my mission to protect my son from the evil lures of sugary beverages (which is one of my many vices), O enjoyed tangerine and strawberry juice flavor.  I made the juice myself...verdict = NOT worth the effort.  I came up with a better plan I will try tomorrow halfway through juicing cuties.

We met up with Bree and Lyric and Amy and Olivia at Sunset Park.  O and Lyric were having an intense baby convo, which probably consisted of Lyric asking why O's shorts were so much shorter than his and O replying something about it allowing him to swim faster and also that his Mama says "if you got it, flaunt it" and is living vicariously through his firm thighs.

Jess and Peyton came over for some rough housing (on O's part) and cow cuddling (on Peyton's part) and popsicles. I am a big fan of Pey with a white and red beard, if she ever wants to mix it up a little with her look.

Praying for a little bit of a cool down....


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